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Crime Prevention

police patchColumbus State Police provides the following services:

  • Patrol of campus property and buildings.
  • Assistance with vehicle lockouts and jumpstarts.
  • Investigation of threats, harassment, disruptive or offensive actions, disorder and criminal offenses.
  • Investigation of forced entry, theft or vandalism and other reported offenses.
  • On-campus escorts.
  • First Aid to injured or ill people.
  • Explanation of Ohio Laws and the college policy and rules to employees and students.
  • RAVE Guardian Services (Emergency text message alerts)

To contact us:
Columbus State Police Department
Lieutenant Kevin J. Smith
Columbus State Police
Delaware Hall
550 E. Spring Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
(614) 287-2525



Active Shooter Response


Security Advice

Don't walk alone: Ask one of your friends to walk with you, or travel in groups-especially at night or call Columbus State Police at (614) 287– 2525 and request an escort to your campus destination.


click it or ticketThe proper use of vehicle restraint systems is proven to have reduced the number of injuries and death. This includes the proper use of Child Restraint Seats.

RAVE - Emergency Text Messages

rave test message alertsColumbus State partners with Rave Wireless to provide an emergency text notification system that consists of three services; CSCC Alert, RaveGuardian and Eyewitness. CSCC Alert is a mass notification service that allows Columbus State to send a large number of messages through text, home email and voice calls to alert our students, faculty and staff of significant emergencies, provided your cell phone contact information is entered into Rave.

The other feature of RaveGuardian is the emergency number, 614-384-5927; this does not replace 911 in an emergency. This is intended to be used if you are in a situation you are not comfortable with or in an emergency after 911 has been called. The number should be stored in your phone as a speed dial number, something such as the number 9 that is easy to remember and easy to press if you need it. More Details


don't drink and driveNever Drive or let anyone drive impaired. You could become the victim and the criminal.


call boxColumbus State Community College places a high priority on the safety of its students and staff members. Columbus State Police strives to maintain our excellent safety record.

Although uniformed Campus Police Officers patrol the Columbus campus 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it is crucial that the campus community take responsibility for its safety. 90% of campus crimes are crimes of opportunity. You reduce your chances of being a crime victim by reducing the opportunity. By watching out for yourself and others, we can all contribute to a safe campus environment.

Lock all car doors. Secure valuables in the trunk or out of sight, including GPS, laptops, textbooks, purses, briefcases etc.  Also, don't leave valuables unattended in buildings.  Don't hesitate to call Columbus State Police at 614-287-2525 to report suspicious people or activity.

Remember to abide by policies, local, state and federal laws. Campus Police Officers are Ohio certified law enforcement officers.