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Public Safety / Police

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Police Chief Shawn Asbury


To Serve and Protect


Enhance the quality of life and the educational environment of the campus community by working in collaboration with students, staff, faculty, and other stakeholders.

Uphold the Constitution, enforce the law, and the policies of Columbus State.

Preserve the peace, and provide for a safe and accessible environment which is conducive to learning.

About the Department of Public Safety

Commitment To Service

Police Officer RALPHAs a public safety official, I commit myself to honorably perform my duties with respect for the dignity for all people, regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, age, gender, sexual orientation or disability. I commit to do what is right, to correct injustices, to timely respond to crime, disorder, and all calls for service. I commit to apply wisdom, fairness, and common sense in all that I do. I commit to working with my peers and the community to enhance the safety and security of the campus environment, for all who study, teach, work, and visit CSCC.

Core Values

Integrity-We expect honesty and ethical behavior from the members of our department. We are committed to uphold our positions of trust by maintaining the highest ethical standards as set forth in the law enforcement code of ethics.

Police Officer BECKYHonor-Integrity, responsibility, and accountability. Keeping one’s word, living up to commitments maintains our honor.

Respect-Our people are our most important resource. We can best serve the diverse needs of our community by empowering employees to fulfill their responsibilities, by providing them with knowledge, authority, and the appropriate use of discretion. We believe in treating all people with respect, compassion, and dignity, victims and violators alike. By demonstrating respect for others, we earn respect for the CSCC Police.

Unity-Our employees will work with each other and the community for the greater good. By seeking the good in all people and all of life, we build unity, which is an extremely positive approach to life.