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Request Your Accommodation Letters via Email!

Registered DS students may request their Accommodation Letters via email. Just send us a request from your CSCC email account to and we will email it back to you! You may then forward the letter to your instructor or print out as many as you need. Don't forget to save a copy for your records! Welcome back and good luck this semester!


Student Testing Agreement Request (STAR) Form Frequently Asked Questions!

Why have the STAR form? The form is designed to initiate conversations between students and instructors to discuss their testing accommodations for the term. Disability Services (DS) uses the form to process accommodated tests at Columbus State Testing Centers.

Instructor or Student: Who fills out the form? It is the student's responsibility to complete all portions of the form. The instructor will either sign the paper copy or review the electronic copy.  Instructors should only expect to receive the STAR form once for each student for any given class.

Who gets a copy? Paper STAR forms: DS Testing Center staff process and review STAR forms with the student when they return it to DS.  The student receives a copy as a reminder of their exam dates and times. DS retains a copy for further processing and proctoring. Digital STAR forms:  When a student submits the online STAR form, a PDF version is emailed to the student, instructor, and the DS Testing Center.

How does the STAR form affect test scheduling? Students are responsible for scheduling their tests. This may involve contacting the DS Testing Center or another Columbus State location. When students complete their one STAR form for a course, they have the option of scheduling tests at that time based on the course syllabus. If students need to schedule or reschedule tests later in the semester, they will do so directly with the Testing Center. Instructors will not receive notification from the Testing Center of testing appointments; students and instructors should be in direct conversation about when instructors will make tests available to students. Instructors set test availability when they complete Test Administration Request Forms. Students attempting to test outside of these availability dates will receive test denials, regardless of when or how they scheduled the test.

Is the STAR form used for Delaware and the Regional Learning Centers? Yes. The STAR form is to be completed by all students requesting testing accommodations that are not provided by the instructor.  Students testing at Delaware Campus or any Regional Learning Center (RLC) will complete the digital STAR form.

What if the student is taking online or distance learning classes? The student only needs to complete the STAR form for online exams if the class is taking their exams at one of the campuses or RLCs, or if the student and instructor agree that the student will need to test at one of the campuses or RLCs.

Do students complete the STAR form if Instructors provide the accommodations in class? No. The form is not necessary if the instructors provide the accommodations in class for the entire semester, or if the student is taking exams from home or at another non-Columbus State site.

Does this take the place of the Letter of Accommodation? No. It should accompany the Letter of Accommodation. The student should continue to provide the Letter of Accommodation before accommodations are implemented.

Do Instructors still need to complete the Test Administration Request Form? Yes, a Test Administration Request form still needs to be completed for each test and needs to be submitted along with the testing materials at least 2 business days before the exam date.

What if students don't know the exam schedule or it changes? We understand that the course outline may change throughout the semester. The student will need to reschedule their exams with DS at least 2 business days before the exam. They should not need to submit another STAR form.

More Questions? Please contact the DS Testing Desk at 614-287-5089, email us at, or stop by during testing hours (Mondays and Thursdays 8-6, Tuesdays and Wednesdays 8-5, and Friday 9-4:30).



READ AND WRITE GOLD is Available for Students, Faculty and Staff (Free!)

A Software solution that can support YOUR learning! The software is free for Students, Staff and Faculty. 

This software will:

  • Read on-line courses, textbooks, websites, placement tests, MS Word, etc.
  • Enlarge and highlight text as it reads aloud
  • Optical Character Recognitions reads locked PDFs and FLASH files
  • Increase reading comprehension
  • Speak and translate many different languages
  • Phonetic Spell Checker
  • Word Prediction Tool

And much, much more!

If you are interested in being trained on how to use the software, contact Alissa Price at


Copies of Documentation Update!

New/Prospective  Students:

As of 9/1/12, Disability Services will no longer copy documentation for students registering for services. You will need to provide a copy of your documentation for the office to keep for processing.  The CSCC Library, located in Columbus Hall, has three (3) photocopiers available for use by the campus community.

  • First Floor - the photocopier is located on the opposite wall from the vending machines and the Writing Center.
  • Second Floor - the photocopier is located near printer "C", along the brown wall and under the clock.
  • Third Floor - the photocopier is located along the brown wall, near the large computer printer.

Current DS Students/Students Transferring to Other Schools:

As of 9/1/12, Disability Services will no longer provide a paper copy of your documentation. Please complete the Documentation Request Form and return it to the DS front office to request an electronic copy of your documentation. Your request will be processed and the electronic copy of your documentation will be forwarded to your CSCC email.


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