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Students with History of Felony Conviction(s)

Columbus State is committed to being a statewide leader in college access as well as success, and we work to ensure that every community member has a safe environment in which to learn and grow. As a part of the application process, the College asks a series of questions about applicants' criminal histories. In particular, the College is concerned with any prior criminal activity involving a felony conviction. Having a criminal history is not a bar to admission, but there is a process applicants must follow to report that history and, if necessary, sit down with Columbus State staff to discuss the circumstances behind the offense(s) before enrollment can proceed. Applicants may be deferred or denied if their presence poses a substantial risk of harm to campus or they are under conditions of post-release supervision (i.e. probation or parole) that prevent enrollment.

Individuals who were previously admitted to Columbus State Community College and wish to re-enroll must disclose to the Office of Student Conduct any felony convictions that occurred since his/her last term of enrollment. Current students with new felony convictions must report that conviction to the Office of Student Conduct within the semester in which the conviction occurs.

Failure to disclose required information at the time of application, re-enrollment, or conviction may result in separation from the College, including invalidation of application, immediate suspension from the college, and/or dismissal.

Students with prior felony convictions are required to provide the following information to the Office of Student Conduct:

1.  Complete a Personal Statement Form: To access the Form, click button.

Personal Statement Form

2.  Complete a national background check. If you have completed a national background check within the last 30 days, we can accept that documentation for review. All others should follow the steps below to electronically request a background check through TrueScreen:

Request Background Check

  • Click on the button above or paste this link into your browser:
  • Enter the following code into the Application Station Code field: COLUMBUSERT-CBC
  • Click the "Sign Up  Now" button to create an account
  • Follow the instructions on the Application Station web site, Student Edition to authorize and pay $33.75 for a background investigation. 
  • If you have a federal conviction: use code: COLUMBUSERTWITHF-CBC and the cost will be $42.75 for the complete search.
  • Truescreen accepts credit cards, pre-paid cards and PayPal.
  • Be prepared to provide any names/aliases and addresses related to convictions.

NOTE: please store the username and password created for Application Station in a secure location. This information is needed to enter Application Station in the future which includes obtaining a copy of your background investigation report. If you encounter issues with the Application Station or have questions regarding the site, please contact Truescreen's Help Desk at 888-276-8518, ext. 2006 or 

Background investigations are completed, on average, within 3 to 5 business days. Once completed, you will receive an email from Truesceen,, as will the Office of Student Conduct (so you will not need to submit the report once you receive a copy). Follow the link in the email to access Application Station: Student Edition to view the report. Application Station includes instructions for disputing information included in the background check should you feel anything is incorrect.

All information received will be maintained privately in The Office of Student Conduct and will only be used for the purpose of enrollment consideration. No information will be shared without your written permission. You may be admitted based on the written information submitted, or you may be scheduled for a personal interview. Criteria for an interview include prior violent offenses, pattern of convictions relating to harm towards others and/or recent conviction or release from incarceration. Your admission to the College will remain in a pending status until the review process is complete. You will receive official documentation to walk you through each step of the process.

Policy: 7-14 Reporting of Felonies and Other Violent Crimes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Spring Semester 2017 Interview Dates:

Individuals who are required to meet with the Enrollment Review Team due to convictions involving violence, weapons, sex-related misconduct or convictions that represent harm to others will be emailed a preassigned interview date with the time and location. Interviews are held on Wednesdays between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm. The following dates have been selected for the term:

February 15, 2017           March 15, 2017           April 05, 2017           April 19, 2017                                      May 03, 2017           May 17, 2017