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Adult Learners

Krystal Phillips

Krystal Phillips

Phillips continued her Columbus State education with a bachelor’s from the U. of Cincinnati.

For an adult learner, school is usually one of many responsibilities to keep track of.

Columbus State makes it easy to get a high-quality education while holding down a career, family and home. We offer flexible classes -- and flexible payment options -- for working adults. That's why 28 percent of our students are over age 30.

Links and Resources

Adult LearnerApply: There is no separate application process for adult learners. As an adult learner, you can apply using the standard Online Application, as described in the Get Started Guide.

Don't forget to send in transcripts from high school and any other colleges you may have attended. If you've already taken classes at Columbus State, we may have a partial record for you. See more information for returning students here.

Classes: We offer a variety of majors, non-credit and skills courses and online courses. To apply to the college, follow the Get Started Guide to Enrollment. You may also be able to get college credit for life experience through the Prior Learning Assessment.