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Transient / Guest Students

Take prereqs here with our small classes and low tuition

No matter where you attend, you can take classes at Columbus State and earn GenEd credits that transfer easily back to your home college. We've got flexible schedules, including online courses. Benefit from our low tuition and small classes.

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Get Started

Step 1: Apply to Columbus State

Step 2: Meet with your advisor at your home college

Step 3: Determine the Columbus State course prerequisite and course equivalents

Step 4: Access your Columbus State email and CougarWeb

Step 5: Submit the Transient/Guest Registration Form

Step 6: Register for classes

Step 7: Finalize Financial Plan

Step 8: Send Official Columbus State Transcripts to home institution

Our low tuition can mean big savings on college costs.

Popular classes at Columbus State
  • ACCT-1212 Managerial Accounting
  • CHEM-1172 General Chemistry II
  • ECON-2200 Principles of Microeconomics
  • ENGL-1100 Composition I
  • HIST-1152 American History since 1877
  • MATH-1148 College Algebra
  • MATH-1151 Calculus I
  • PHYS-1200 Algebra-Based Physics I
  • PSY-1100 Introduction to Psychology
  • STAT-1350 Elementary Statistics