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Meet University Advisors

Meet with University Advisors 

Meet University Advisors without leaving Columbus State! Advisors from other colleges often drop by our University Transfer Center, other locations on the Columbus Campus, and at the Delaware Campus. Many universities make regular visits to campus.

If you are interested in transferring IN to Columbus State please click here 


University Transfer Center (Aquinas Hall 126)

Welcome to the University Transfer Center! The Center will assist you in connecting with a Bachelor degree institution (University or College) and in using your Columbus State credits in transfer to a Bachelor degree institution.
Aquinas Hall 126
Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5:00pm
Friday: Closed

Please note: The calendar below is subject to change.  While institutions have reoccurring schedules in the transfer center, sometimes a representative might be out sick, increment weather, etc.  Should a representative be unable to visit campus, we will make a note 'Not Here Today' that morning/as soon as we know.  If you are planning to make the trip to campus to see a four-year representative, please check the calendar that morning for the most current information.  Thank you!

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