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Ohio State Pre-Majors


Ohio State Pathways

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A preliminary list of pre-majors has been developed to assist Preferred Pathway® students with course selection for their chosen major. Pre-major plans will be posted as they are developed. Please check this website regularly for the most current list of approved pre-majors.

All pathways can result in the completion of an Associate degree and a Bachelor degree, however there are different variations.

1+3 = Year 1 at Columbus State, Years 2, 3, and 4 at Ohio State (Associate degree may be completed by transferring credits back to CSCC)

2+2 = Years 1 and 2 at Columbus State, Years 3 and 4 at Ohio State (Associate degree received upon completion of work at CSCC)

2+3 = Years 1 and 2 at Columbus State, Years 3, 4, and 5 at Ohio State (Associate degree received upon completion of work at CSCC)

Interested in Preferred Pathways

Architecture - new!

1+3 Architecture

1+3 City and Regional Planning

1+3 Landscape Design

 Please note: All plans are currently being reviewed by Columbus State and Ohio State for the 2015-2016 academic year

Arts & Sciences



AS to Business (2+3)

1+3 Business Administration 

AA to Business (2+3)

Education and Human Ecology

AAS Hospitality to Didactic (Dietetics)

Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Health Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Pharmaceutical Sciences - Drug Discovery and Development

Pharmaceutical Sciences - Healthcare Professions

Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Public Health

Public Health - Environmental Public Health

Public Health - Public Health Sociology

Social Work

Social Work

AAS Mental Health to Social Work


Professional Baccalaureate Programs

Dental Hygiene, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Athletic Training, Health Information Management Systems, Health Sciences, Medical Dietetics, Medical Laboratory Science, Radiological Sciences and Therapy, Respiratory Therapy), Nursing 

These programs do not have curriculum guides or pre-major plans but do have prerequisite coursework specific to CSCC.  To view these prerequisites, go to, select your program of interest, and then select Columbus State Community College.

Based on prerequisite completion you may be able to apply directly to the program.  To verify program application deadlines, requirements, and preference for prerequisite completion location please visit

 Guides for Guest/Transient Students: 

These guides are for students intending to attend Ohio State without completing an associate degree at Columbus State.

Bachelor of Arts, GEC Equivalency Guide

Bachelor of Science, GEC Equivalency Guide

College of Business

College of Engineering

College of Nursing


 To view all Ohio State majors and programs, please visit here.