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Capital University

Capital University





About Capital University

Founded in 1830, Capital University is a private four-year undergraduate institution and graduate school located in the Columbus, Ohio, neighborhood of Bexley (about 5-10 minutes due east of downtown Columbus). Capital is a comprehensive, independent university grounded in the Lutheran tradition. With a focus on rigor and experiential learning, Capital capitalizes on their size, location, and heritage to develop the whole person, both inside and outside the classroom. Capital has over 60 majors and 3600 students who attend classes on their campus during the daytime and evenings. Capital has two different "transfer" programs. The first is the traditional transfer option into Capital's full-time day academic programs. The second is the adult degree completion option that is available for full or part-time enrollment during the evenings or weekends.


Benefits for Columbus State Graduates

  • Students who graduate with the Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree will meet all of Capital's general education requirements (regardless of course selection) with the exception of two courses.


Information for Columbus State Students

  • General education equivalency guide outlining which Columbus State classes are equivalent to Capital's general education requirement.

  • Departmental courses equivalency guide outlining which Columbus State classes are equivalent to Capital's classes. Other Columbus State courses may transfer, but those will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis upon acceptance to Capital.


Capital University Contacts for Columbus State Students

Deanna Bond is the Associate Director for Admission and Coordinator of Transfer Recruitment for Capital's full-time day programs. She visits campus twice a month (see calendar below) on the first and third Tuesdays from 1 pm until 3 pm. During those times, she is available to answer questions in the Transfer Center, located in Aquinas Hall 126 on the Columbus campus. Craig Sohl, the Associate Director of Adult and Graduate Education Recruitment, is also available twice a month (the first and third Tuesdays) from 3 pm until 5 pm on campus at our Transfer Center in Aquinas Hall 126.

Both Deanna and Craig welcome students who are just beginning their studies at Columbus State to those who have already graduated and are planning for transfer to Capital University. Students may also contact them via phone at 614.236.6228 (Deanna) or 614.236.6689 (Craig) to answer any questions at other times.



BSW Bachelor of Social Work Associate of Arts 2+2
BSW Bachelor of  Social Work AAS in Social and Human Services 2+2
BA Bachelor of Science, Business Management AAS in Business Managment  3+1