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Sterile Processing

Sterile Processing is an exciting and vital area of health care! Sterile Processing techs ensure that the operating room and other health care areas stay sterile and free of disease.

Columbus State offers a three-quarter certificate in health care processing, as well as a 7-quarter Associate of Technical Studies degree. Both degrees include a lot of hands-on learning.

Upon completion of the Sterile Processing Technology Certificate, the student will be able to:

  • Apply the principles and techniques of cleaning, assembly, testing, and identification of patient care equipment.
  •  Demonstrate the general cleaning of instrumentation and specialty items and the operations of mechanical washers.
  • Demonstrate packaging techniques for re-usable and disposable supplies and equipment.
  •  Demonstrate the assembly, inspection, identification and use of instruments/procedure trays.
  • Develop entry level proficiency for selected sterilization techniques.
  •  Demonstrate inventory control for re-usable and disposable supplies and equipment.
  • Demonstrate assembly and distribution of department specific case carts.
  •  Incorporate quality assurance processes and blood borne pathogen protocols.
  • Identify and explain standards, regulations, and policies and procedures related to activities of the sterile processing department.
  • Develop professional behaviors required for the successful completion of the Sterile Processing Certificate.