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STNA - Nurse Aide Certificate (NURC 1101)


The Nurse Aide Certificate is a one-class program that qualifies students to become a Nurse Aide, also known as a State Tested Nursing Assistant (STNA). The class is NURC 1101.

NURC 1101 is a prerequisite for our other nursing programs, so make sure you get this class done early.

You must be an enrolled Columbus State student to take NURC 1101. To enroll at Columbus State follow the Get Started Guide.

For additional information about the NURC 1101 and NURC 1102 courses click here

Gainful Employment Disclosure

Program Description:

3 credits
The Nurse Aide Training Program is designed to instruct students in the knowledge and skills needed to provide basic care for clients in long-term care settings. The 76-hour course includes 60 hours of classroom/lab instruction and 16 hours of clinical preparation, which meet the requirements for nurse aide training in Ohio. Students who complete this course are eligible to state test. 
labPLEASE NOTE, the online blended NURC 1101 does NOT meet the requirements for the state approved nurse aide class in Ohio.  Students who complete the blended version of this class will NOT receive a “certificate of class completion” and will NOT be eligible to take the state test for nurse aides.  Both the traditional and blended versions of this course satisfy the NURC 1101 prerequisite for specific health technologies at Columbus State Community College.

Course Prerequisites:

Standards Essential for Nursing Students are required in order to be considered for admission into a nursing program.

Placement into ENGL 1100
or completion of ENGL 0190 or ESL 0190 with a grade of “C” or better. Students with transfer credit (K) for ENGL 1100 or meets the English prerequisite for NURC 1101 and the writing placement test is not necessary.

Placement into DEV 0115
or completion of DEV 0105 with a grade of “C” or better. Students with transfer credit (K) for any Math course above DEV 0115 meets this requirement and the placement testing is not necessary. Examples of such math courses are (Math 1020, Math 1030, Math 1075 etc.)

Completion of the NURC 1101 health record

Download NURC 1001 Health Record or pick one up from the Academic Health Records office.

  • The Academic Health Records Office in Union Hall Room 134A (614-287-2450) is open Monday through Friday 9am to noon and 1pm to 4pm.  To register on the first day of registration, the health record must be completed and submitted to the Academic Health Records Office no later than ten calendar days before the first day of registration for the intended semester.
  • Registration for NURC 1101 is competitive and course sections fill within hours the first day of registration.  Prepare in advance to register on-line on CougarWeb or by touch-tone (614-287-3900) at midnight (12:01am) on the first day of registration.
  • Remember to research the course offerings in advance in preparation for registration.  NURC 1101 will be offered on our Columbus, Dublin, and Southeast campuses.  There are varying course schedules. 

If you are currently a state tested nurse’s aide (STNA) you may request prior learning assessment (PLA or “N”) credit for NURC 1101.  Request for Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) form. See additional instructions on the  Request for Prior Learning Assessment form including documentation to be submitted and deadline dates. 

If you have the equivalent of twelve months or more of full-time employment within the preceding five years as a hospital aide or orderly you are eligible to take the state test for STNA and then use the PLA process to request “N” credit for NURC 1101.  Contact D&S Diversified Technologies at or 1-877-851-2355 for the “STNA Candidate Handbook” for instructions.