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Landscape Design & Management

Caleb Auman

Caleb Auman: Business Owner

"Because of my professors, I came away with a good mindset from my school experience. I had a great opportunity to learn a lot."

The Landscape Design and Management program is tailored to students pursuing a degree in the landscape profession and gives countless opportunities to work in a field as diverse as nature itself.

Through our program students can earn:

Combining a number of construction related fields, the landscape profession allows an individual to use engineering, horticulture, art, and communications in order to design an individually tailored career. Opportunities exist in sales, design, estimating, merchandising, contracting, maintenance and business, just to mention a few.

A career in the landscape profession may be the right career for you!

To learn more about career possibilities, visit http://WWW.LANDSCAPEINDUSTRYCAREERS.ORG

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For more information, please contact the Design, Construction and Trades Department by email at or call (614) 287-5949.