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Where is the Finance Department located?

The Business Programs Department is located in Delaware Hall. The main office is in 259 Delaware Hall. Faculty offices are located on the second floor of Delaware Hall.

What degree programs do you offer?

We offer an Associates’ Degree in Finance.

How do I talk or meet with an advisor?

Faculty advisors are listed on this Website and also listed on the back of all programs of study.

Do I need to take prerequisites?

Most courses are built upon foundations which presume previous knowledge and skills. Even though you may have been exposed to certain concepts, faculty members need to be certain that you have the necessary capabilities to handle the material in that particular class.

How do I register for classes?

Registration should be completed as soon as the registration period begins for a new semester, so you won’t get closed out of a particular class you may want. You may go to online registration at Also, you may register in person at the registrar’s office in Madison Hall.

Will my credits transfer to another institution?

That depends upon the institution to which you are transferring. Traditionally, Columbus State has had most of its traditional credit courses accepted by other institutions.

Will Columbus State accept my courses from another institution?

That depends on many factors, including the institution from which the credit was given, the time elapsed since the credit was given, and the course objectives which were covered. To give you the best chance of having your credit accepted, please provide the Columbus State Records and Registration department and your advisor with official transcripts from the granting institution. Also, please provide your advisor with a catalog from the granting institution so a determination may be made whether the courses meet our technical specifications. If you have questions about this, please see your advisor.

Can I complete my degree in two years?

Our plans of study do allow for completion in a two year period. However, students can take more time to complete a degree.

What professional certifications can I get?

We only offer the Associate’s Degree at this time.

What happens when the curriculum changes?

The curriculum of a technology changes regularly. When students enroll in one of our plans of study, they are enrolled in a current catalog of courses. If a plan of study changes, the student has the option to stay with their original plan or change to the new one. The faculty advisor can help the student decide which plan would be the most advantageous.

Can I take all courses via distance learning?

All Finance Courses are offered in the Distance Learning format. However, that is no guarantee that ALL the required courses for your degree are offered in the Distance Learning format. See the course catalog for details. (This is 364 pages)

Should I take classes online or in the classroom?

This can only be answered by you. There is a document on this…..