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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

The major reason students find the Columbus State Construction Management (CMGT) program attractive is to begin, grow, and direct their skills in the industry, resulting is a well-paying career-oriented position. Since the program was started in 1979, students and graduates have found part- and full-time positions in the local area, region, state and country. It is not uncommon to find graduates working internationally on major infrastructure and building projects. Whether public or private sector; new construction or remodeling; or architectural and engineering oriented; positions continue to be available in a variety of firms.

The program provides a balance of focus and depth of skills development.  The basic materials science course includes the opportunity to earn the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Grade I Technician credential, which is in high demand paying in excess of $25 per hour.  The OSHA 30 Hour Construction Safety & Health credential is a part of the program, as well as the opportunity to earn the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Construction document Technologist (CDT) credential. Positions are readily available in design, engineering, technician, estimating, project management, scheduling, sales, service and marketing for Internship, part- and full-time careers. Hard and soft skills course provide a needed balance of technical competence with a basic understanding of critical thing, effective communication, and technical skill  development.

Employers with entry to mid-level positions prefer CMGT graduates because of the hands-on practical education and training they receive. Some graduates start their own companies and look to the CMGT program for interns and new hires. Students changing careers find the CMGT program attractive to enhance technical skills.

Many bachelor's and master's degree holders recognize the CMGT program as the new “graduate school,” and come for the technical training and update to update skills. Employers desire current skills, especially with the advent of Building Integration Modeling (BIM), cloud technology, and Universal Design

CMGT has not required a placement program due to the program quality and interaction with local, regional, and national firms and trade organizations. The industry needs continue to grow with over 95% of graduates obtaining positions related to CMGT due their education, training, and commitment to the industry. A 2016 survey of graduates indicated an average starting salary of $44,000, with many respondents reporting a doubling of salary within five years. Forbes® magazine, surveys of two-years technical degree graduates and industry show Construction Management as one of the top five career choices for opportunity, salary and promotion.

Where will I work?

Graduates find careers in the residential, commercial and institutional marketplace, including private and public sector owners, new construction and remodeling contractors, design-build firms, infrastructure companies, testing labs, materials suppliers, and more.

What are the starting salaries?

Average starting salaries range from $39,000 to $52,000, often doubling within 5 to 7 years.


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