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CSCI Programs

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1. Programming

Software Developer Track: Get started in programming, or come back to retool your skills. Software developers are in high demand, and you’ll learn cutting-edge languages such as C#, Java and Object-Oriented Programming.

Software Developer Track


Software Developer Certificate

NEW! Mobile App Development: Learn Android and iOS training in a hands-on environment.

2. Networking & Security

Cisco CCNA Networking Certification

Network Administrator Track: Hook up a great career. Network administrators are one of Ohio’s fastest-growing careers. Learn how to set up and administer networks, as well as how to maintain security and recover from disasters.

Network Security Track: There’s a lot of data out there, and someone has to keep it safe. Find out here.


Network Administrator Track

Network Security Track

CCNA Routing and Switching Certificate

3. Gaming

Game Developer: Get into the exciting field of video gaming! Learn about game programming languages, 3-D graphics and game engines.

Game Developer Track


Mobile Games Apps Certificate

4. Business Intelligence

MIS/Project Management Track: IT isn’t just for programmers. Learn how to manage IT projects with our MIS/Project Management track. Learn the ins and outs of IT, as well as how to analyze software, administer databases, and analyze systems.  

MIS/Project Management Track


Database Specialist Certificate

Management Information Systems (MIS) Certificate

5. Web Development

Web Developer Track: Learn how to make beautiful websites -- and learn how to make them work. You’ll study graphic design as well as HTML, CSS, Javascript and mobile development.

Find more Web Design programs in Interactive Media

6. IT Support

The IT Support Technician program trains students in computer support, with an emphasis on valuable credentials such as the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam, CompTIA Network + and the CISCO CCNA Certification Exam. IT Support Technician page

7. Computer Literacy


Computer Literacy Certificate

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