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Faculty Idea Exchange

The 2014Faculty Idea Exchange (FIX) took place on Friday, July 25. Once again faculty  engaged each other about ways to teach and reach our students by improving instructional strategies.The event is sponsored sponsored by the OAA Instructional Success Committee.

You can view recordings of all the FIX presentations here.

Below is a list of all the presenters and topics:

The Distinguished Keynote Speaker was Dr. Marilyn Howard, CSCC alumna and Associate Professor from the Humanities Department. 

Conference presentations included:

1. Tiffanie Clark Sisay—Modern Languages—"Leading Our Students to Speak Out: A Gateway to Critical, Conceptual, and Lasting Learning"

2. Joanna Dehn Beresford—English—"The YouTube Universe—An Ultimate Teacher's Toolbox"

3. Charla Fraley and Lydia Gilmore—Business Programs—"The Ups and Downs of Virtual Team-Based Learning"

4. Matt Heywood (CSCI), Jonathan Krabill (BUS), and Frank Barnhart (THEA)--"The Trials and Tribulations of Creating Digital Content for the TAAC Initiative

5. Chris Keck, Sheryl Killen, Molly Sheils, and Alissa Price—Disability Services—"Incorporating Universal Design into Your Classroom and Blackboard Materials"

7. Mary Lewis (Psychology) and Terrie Stolte (Accounting)--"Social Justice in the Classroom: The Role of Service Learning as an Instructional Pedagogy"

6. Adam Moskowitz—Social Sciences—"The New Pilot Assessment Report: Doing Assessment at CSCC"

7. G. Raquel Pina—Modern Languages—"Contemporary Latin American Films—A Powerful Tool to Complement Our Teaching"

8. Mary Reiter—Social Sciences—"Exams on a Cell Phone? Tests on a Tablet? What?"

9. Karen Rippe--Biological and Physical Sciences--"I've flipped! Now what do I do in class?"

10. Bryan Saums—Social Sciences—"GIS in Your Class: A Multidisciplinary Tool"

11. James Stewart--Social Sciences--"Using AirSketch and Camtasia to Wirelessly Project and Record Your Presentation"

12. Jim Sturtevant--Dual Enrollment – “You’ve Gotta Connect…at the College Level, Too”

13. Yana Yen – Psychology – “’Yeah, me too!’: The Pros and Cons of Group Testing in an Introductory Course”