The Biggest Learner

Starting College Right

This season on the Biggest Learner, we're focusing on students in the Preferred Pathway® as they get started on their college career! The Preferred Pathway® allows you to "pre-major" for a bachelor's degree at Ohio State, taking advantage of Columbus State's low class sizes and low tuition costs. Along the way, we'll take a particular look at COLS 1100 and 1101, the college's new first year experience class.

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Episode 7: The Finale

Biggest Learner results are in! Students with the highest team GPA received $1,000 scholarships, and the runners-up received $500 scholarships each.

Episode 6: The Home Stretch

Video thumbnail After the midterm grade check, the Super Crew is in the lead, but the Intelligent Infernos are looking for a comeback. Both teams are taking advantage of resources like tutoring and office hours.


Episode 5: Midterm Grade Check

Video thumbnail Our two teams check GPAs at the midpoint: Who's ahead, and who needs to hit the books?


Episode 4: Get Involved

Video thumbnail Taking part in college activities can help you do better in class, as some of our Biggest Learner contestants are discovering.


Episode 3: Time Management

Video thumbnail Time management and study tips help Biggest Learner contestants tackle tough classes.


Episode 2: Juggling Schedules

Video thumbnail Our Biggest Learner contestants learn some test-taking tips as they juggle school work and part-time jobs.


Episode 1: Meet the Teams

Video thumbnail We’re pitting eight incoming freshman against each other! These students are part of the Preferred Pathway® Program with Ohio State. They did well in high school, but college is a new world. Let’s meet our teams:


About the Preferred Pathway®

Preferred Pathway<sup class=® logo" width="270" height="91" />The Preferred Pathway® Program is a clear and direct track to a degree from Ohio State University. Students have long been able to start at Columbus State, then transfer to Ohio State to finish their bachelor's degree, but the Preferred Pathway® makes it even easier. All of this seasons's contestants are Preferred Pathway® Scholars. Preferred Pathway® site

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