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Ian and Pierce Freshwater

Unlike some identical twins, Ian and Pierce Freshwater have become experts at working side by side on something that benefits both. Take college, for example.

The Jonathan Alder grads actually started college in high school, enrolling in specialized computer and applied technology programs at Tolles Career & Technical Center. During their senior year, the duo also took advantage of the Post Secondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program, with each completing eight college courses through Columbus State.

“We got both high school and college credit, basically free, for our efforts,” reports Ian, older by a minute than his short-haired brother. “Plus PSEO introduced us to college coursework and Columbus State.”

That preview pretty much sold them on attending Columbus State. “We had experienced how great the faculty was,” Pierce adds. “Throw in the low tuition—even when multiplied by two in our case—and ‘our’ decision was easy.”

After hearing about the Future Scientists of Ohio Scholars Program, a scholarship which would fund two years of science and math-related studies at Columbus State, the Freshwater siblings were all over it. Computer ace Ian and science wiz Pierce both made the cut.

“Not only has the Future Scientists of Ohio Scholars Program covered our tuition fully,” notes Ian, “but it also has provided extras like cohort classes, classroom technologies, personal laptop and MP3 player, mentors, and focused advising.”

The two will soon transfer the credits they’ve earned at Columbus State to Ohio State, where Ian plans to major in computer science and Pierce in pre-med.

Outside the classroom, Ian and Pierce both serve as Student Ambassadors for the college. Through this leadership program, they discovered a lot about Columbus State and themselves.

“Our time at Columbus State wasn’t only about academics,” says Pierce. “We acquired workplace and interpersonal skills which we can take with us and apply just about anywhere.”

The Freshwater twins are living proof that doubling the learning often doubles the rewards.