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Wendy Jenkins - Finding Her Way

Wendy Jenkins, 22, graduated in March 2012 with an associate degree in Digital Video and Sound from our Interactive Media Department, and she's taking additional classes for another degree. Here, she tells her Columbus State story in her own words.

Columbus State Community College was the perfect fit for my college education in many different ways. The Interactive Media Digital Video and Sound degree was the perfect major for me because it allowed me to combine my artistic creativity and love for film and visual arts. It has paved the way for various internships and job opportunities in audio and visual arts and related fields.

The college not only offered my degree of interest at a great price and with the financial assistance of a Tech Prep Scholarship, but also addressed my multiple physical disabilities. Columbus State is very accessible and so I was able to attend my classes in my power wheelchair. My fine motor skills challenges were accommodated as Disability Services provided me with a note taker notebook, the professors at Columbus State provided me with copies of their notes and other students volunteered to help take notes, for which I am very grateful.

Professor Jim Higgins was my advisor and mentor and was very inspirational. He treated me like all of the other students, shared his passion for the media and pushed me to excel in my field. I was also able to sit up front for most of my classes to help with my vision and hearing issues.

I also would like to thank Dana Knott, a librarian at the Columbus State Delaware Campus, as she was instrumental in helping me form the Otaku Club (for those interested in Japanese culture, anime, video games and movies). Ms. Knott mentors our program with interest and enthusiasm and often attends our weekly meetings. The new Delaware Campus is a wonderful addition to Columbus State, and the accessibility and convenience is very much appreciated!

I also brought my Canine Companion for Independence dog to classes with me and Yuki almost became a mascot on campus! My professors embraced not only me but my service dog as well.

I am grateful to Columbus State for working with me to overcome obstacles and enable me to attend classes and obtain my degree. I am currently taking classes to obtain a second associate degree in Graphic Design with a certificate in Photography and look forward to completing it as well.


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