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Federal Financial Aid Participation and Attendance Reporting

(Drop for Non-Attendance)

Photo of Gahanna centerThe Federal Financial Aid Participation and Attendance Reporting (Drop for Non-Attendance) process is run at the beginning of the semester as well as at 61% percent of the semester, which is approximately the mid-term point of the semester. Over the process of 10 days, students who receive financial aid are assessed by their instructors as to whether or not the student is participating in and attending classes.

The instructor electronically completes and submits the participation and attendance record for each student who receives federal financial aid.  The de-registration is processed according to the last date of participation and attendance submitted by the instructor. An e-mail communication is sent to each student's CSCC student e-mail account who has been dropped for non-participation/non-attendance

If a student feels that he or she has been dropped in error, the student must speak with the instructor.  If an error has occurred, the instructor must either sign a Registration Add/Drop form for the student to bring to Student Central, Upper Level, Madison Hall or the instructor may send an e-mail to to request the student be reinstated to the class.

If you have questions about being dropped for non-participation/non-attendance please contact your instructor.