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Basic English

Basic English & Related Courses

These courses are designed to improve the English language and literacy skills of ESL students. All students must complete a placement test to determine which level they should begin. In each course, students will work on reading, writing, vocabulary, listening and speaking skills appropriate to that level.  A final exam is given at the end of each course and a passing score is required to progress to the next level.

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**Late Registration Fee**

A late registration fee of $30 will be added to all Basic English course registrations that happen after the term begins.


Basic English:



Beginning English



  • Basics of survival English (vocabulary and basic daily information)
  • Numbers and dates
  • Present tense in questions and answers

Basic English 3


  • Sentences and questions with ‘there is’ and ‘there are’
  • Instructions with imperatives
  • Object pronouns
  • Descriptive words, phrases and sentences

Basic English 4


  • Sentences and questions with the simple past tense
  • Adverbs of frequency and degree
  • Work-related vocabulary

Basic English 5


  • Sentences and questions with present progressive tense
  • Modal verbs ‘can’ and ‘could’ to express ability
  • Finding meaning of vocabulary from context clues
  • Capitalization and punctuation

Basic English 6


  • Statements and questions with simple past regular and irregular verbs
  • Time markers and prepositions of time
  • Statements and questions about the future
  • Gerunds and infinitives
  • Finding part of speech and meaning of vocabulary from context
  • Scanning text to find specific information

Basic English 7


  • Count and non-count nouns
  • Modal verbs for advisability and necessity
  • Adjectives in comparative and superlative forms
  • Adverbs of manner and frequency
  • Use of new vocabulary in discussions
  • Use of correct sentence structure in statements and questions on a given topic

Basic English 8


  • Statements and questions with simple past, past progressive, present perfect and present perfect progressive
  • ‘Used to’ and ‘would’ to talk about the past
  • Future time phrases and clauses
  • Modal verbs to express permission, requests and ability
  • Identification of a text’s main ideas and supporting details

Basic English 9


  • Identify parts of a sentence and modifiers
  • Coordinating and subordinating conjunctions to connect clauses in sentences
  • Previewing, scanning and skimming to understanding readings
  • Inferences and conclusions about the content of readings
  • Correct use of simple, compound and complex sentences
  • The writing process (brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing and revising) in composition of multiple sentences about a single topic
  • Use of a computer to type and edit a paragraph
  • Use of e-mail to send messages and attached documents

Basic English 10

(formerly Focus on Writing)


  • Correct use of all verb tenses
  • Adverbs of manner
  • Modals of advice, necessity, possibility and ability
  • Vocabulary skills for finding definitions in text, word analysis and word families
  • Understanding and use of sentence variety
  • Sentences with adjective clauses
  • Composition of a paragraph on a given topic that includes topic sentence, supporting information and conclusion
  • Location and use of websites for supplemental practice of listening, speaking, reading, vocabulary and grammar


Related Courses:

Pronunciation 1



  • Helps students improve pronunciation and conversational skills.
  • For students in Basic English 3 and above.

Reading Club



  • Improve reading skills for personal enjoyment and improve literacy.
  • For students in Basic English 4 and above.

Vocabulary 1 & 2



  • Focuses on learning the meaning and usage of words and phrases.
  • For students in Basic English 6 and above.

Successful Writing Basics



  • Provides additional practice in working with the building blocks of English: words, phrases, and clauses to make grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs.
  • Opportunities to practice and improve writing skills.
  • For students is Basic English 7 and above.

College Placement Test Skills



  • Provide additional reading and vocabulary support.
  • Prepare students to take college placement tests.
  • For students in Basic English 7 and above.