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Colleague Access

New Hire and New Position

Employees who are new to the college or making the transition to a new position will be granted colleague access for their new position via a tool called the Automated User Configuration Facility (AUCF).  Employees returning to the college are also reactivated through the AUCF.

The workflow for access to colleague begins with the Human Resources Department as described below.

  • Step 1: Employment Services Representative offers the candidate a position and candidate accepts

  • Step 2: Employment Services Representative completes NAE screen in Colleague and a Cougar ID is generated.

  • Step 3: ES Representative completes Automated User Creation Facility (AUCF) Screens

  • Step 4: Colleague Administrator receives information and assigns access based on the employee’s position.  Access to Blackboard is granted.


Changing Current Employees Level of Access

Supervisors, with a current employee in need of additional colleague access to manage job tasks, may request increased access for their employee through the HEAT System.  Supervisors with a current employee who requires access for their work responsibilities, but does not have colleague access, may request access through the HEAT System.

  • Step 1:   Supervisors complete a request for the specific additional colleague access desired via the HEAT System. 

  • Step 2:   The HEAT System generates an email to Human Resources.

  • Step 3:   Human Resources reviews to ensure request is for a current employee and forwards email to Colleague Administrator.

  • Step 4:   Colleague Administrator reviews request and grants access in consultation with the Module Custodians.

  • Step 5:   Colleague Administrator sends email to HCD Program Coordinator with employee name, new access requested, and colleague course required for access.

  • Step 6:   Training Coordinator sends notification to Employee and Supervisor to register for training on-line. 

To register online go to:

Temporary Worker Access

Temporary workers, for the purpose of the CQAP, are defined as workers who are employed by Acloche and provide a temporary service to the college generally three months or less in duration.  Temporary workers may start on any work day of the month.  Their hire date does not coincide with the 1st and 16th work days for all college employees.  The temporary worker is paid directly by Acloche. 

  • Step 1: Supervisor completes the Temporary Request Form and submits to the Employment Services Representative in Human Resources who facilitates the hire process for temporary workers.

Supervisors should contact their Employment Services Representative for the Temporary Request Form.

  • Step 2: The Supervisor contacts the Employment Services Representative for their department/division informing them of the new temporary worker hire date.

  • Step 3: The Supervisor completes a HEAT request for the specific access the temporary worker will need to complete department/division project. 

  • Step 4: The Supervisor and Temporary Worker complete and sign the IT Confidentiality Statement.   A copy of the form is sent to the department/division Employment Services Representative.

  • Step 5: The Supervisor trains the Temporary Worker on the use of Colleague for their specific work functions.