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At Columbus State, we value diversity and believe our differences help create a better learning environment. By collaborating with other offices and groups on campus, the Global Diversity and Inclusion Department seeks to support our diverse community, build relationships and provide educational opportunities. Our efforts include cultural celebrations, employee development, support/membership groups, campus training and much more.

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Pono Diversity Learning Community- Sign up for spring! 

 The PONO Diversity Learning Community is a space for students and employees at Columbus State to build community and participate in open dialogue about diversity related topics during the course of a semester. There are two opportunities to join a PONO cohort each school year: Autumn and Spring. PONO sessions are typically held on Fridays from 2pm-4pm.

Click here to register for the spring 2016 cohort. 

Spring Cohort will begin in January 2016 and conclude in March 2016.