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Submission Guidelines

How to submit:

(1)  Read the submission guidelines below carefully. Submissions that do not follow guidelines will not be considered.
(2)  Please copy and paste the form below and paste it into a new email to be sent to the address
(3)  Fill out the form completely, including contact information and typed signature.
(4)  Save a copy of the completed document. Each submission should have its own separate form completed.
(5)  Attach the .RTF file directly to the email.


Spring Street ~ Year 2015 edition
Manuscript and Artwork Submission Form

Please fill out a submission form for each manuscript or artwork, attaching it to your email along with the following information:

Printable Submission Form 

Status (choose one) student/faculty/staff/graduate:
Title of Submitted Work:
Signature (Retype name):

Submit fiction, poetry, and nonfiction works in Rich Text Format (RTF) as an attachment. Send each submission as a separate document.



Short stories, essays, reviews, and short plays should be typed in a standard typeface (such as Times)  and double-spaced. These works should not exceed 4,000 words. Poems should be typed in a standard typeface and single-spaced, with no more than one poem per page. No submitted manuscripts will be returned. Works submitted online will receive acknowledgement of acceptance or rejection by email late Spring Quarter.


Original photographs, pen & ink drawings, sketches, blueprints, etc. in color or black and white will be considered. (Spring Street prints few color photos; in the past, some color submissions have been published in black & white if their artistic quality was not compromised.) Do not submit your only copy of original works!


Copyright for works published in Spring Street is retained by individual writers and artists.