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Complete Club Listings


American Sign Language (ASL) Club - Lori S. Trent, Advisor, 287.5187
Our club exists to support and develop each member's visual communication, interpersonal, and language skills. We are committed to building and growing communication, learning, and community involvement.

Asian Student Association (ASA) - Amy Burrell, Advisor, 287.5187
To provide its members, and all interested others, social and academic support, nurture, and to promote the importance of Asian culture at CSCC and the community-at-large.

Circle of Psychology (Delaware Campus) - Yana Yen, Advisor, 740.203.8000
The purpose of the Circle of Psychology is to explore psychological disciplines, career paths, perspectives, theories, and discuss personal views and analyses.

College Democrats
Dr. Rita Bova, Advisor – 287-2530

To fulfill the democratic and idealistic values of a vibrant and caring American society.

Columbus State Cru/RealLife - Sabrina A. Ayers, Advisor, 287.2637
To be a spiritual resource for students on campus; bi-weekly Bible studies, weekly meetings with OSU RealLife.

Cougar Creative - Norman E. Clevenger, Advisor, 287.5072
Provide a forum for Digital Design and Graphics students to expand the educational experience and enhance creativity.

Cougar Pride  - Luke Robson, Advisor, 287.5520
Provides support, interaction, education, outreach, and advocacy for LGBTQ issues for Columbus State Community College and surrounding areas.

Cougatism Club - Ellen Sadler - Advisor - 287.5265
To circulate awareness and understanding of Aspergers and Autism in a college from an autistic point of view.

Cougars for the Community - Selloane Asiamah, Advisor - 287.5204
The mission of our club is to fulfill the needs of the community through community service and charitable actions around campus and the surrounding area.

Cross Country Club
Mark A. Sommer, Advisor - 287-2219

We provide our members with any cardiovascular workouts by running to help improve their physical ability in races and mental performance in classes.

Dietetic Student Association - Jan Van Horn, Advisor, - 287.2580
To provide academic support, opportunities for community service projects, and expand the educational experience through field trips and guest speakers for present and future Dietetic students.

Hospitality Club - Gretchen Friend, Advisor - 287.5188
The Hospitality Club acts as a professional networking and social organization for interested sutdents in the Hospitality Management Program and all other interested majors. We provide career counseling/seminars, new information in the hospitality industry and educational assistance to all members. We create affiliations with other hospitality organizations and vendors to enhance the education of all members and the current hospitlaity Department here at CSCC.

Landscape Association - Richard Ansley, Advisor, 287.5031
To promote student interest in all aspects of the green industries and to advocate the interests and concerns of the students in the Landscape Program to faculty, staff, and administrators of CSCC.

Latin American Student Association - Guadalupe Raguel Pina, Advisor - 287.5037
To consolidate the relationships among Latin-American students and/or other students interested in Latin-American and Latino cultures; to ease the transition to college of our members and introduce them to various resources within CSCC; to leave a cultural fingerprint for future students and volunteer for the community and engage students in college life.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - Ryan Chan, Advisor - 287.5377
To minister to God's children on campus.

Medical Laboratory Technology Association – MaryEllen Tancred, Advisor – 287.5099
To promote the advancement of the Medical Laboratory Profession and provide service in the healthcare community.

Mosaic Club - Gary D. Rensi, Advisor - 287.3629
We like doing stuff and loving people. Friendships are built here. We're about life change. Like us on Facebook, email for questions Nestor Hall, Room 012 from 2:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Nurses Association - Carol S. Beneker, Advisor - 287.5156
To provide student and community awareness

Otaku Culture Club - Dana Knott, Advisor - 740.203.8183
To celebrate and learn more about Japanese culture, including awne, manga, and cosplay

Peace and Social Justice Club - Rebeca Mobley, Advisor - 287.5040
Promote social responsibility; instill awareness of larger social economic, and political issues; nurture the values of fairness and justice, and identify and contest injustice, and inspire others to do the same.

Phi Theta Kappa
Peter Bower Riley, Advisor – 287-3649

To recognize and encourage scholarship, provide opportunities for development of leadership and service, as well as provide a forum for the exchange of ideas, and stimulate fellowship among students.  Phi Theta Kappa also provides direction to students, who are academically successful, for scholarships of monetary awards for continuance of their education.

Political Science Club - Jonathan Kreger, Advisor, 287.2238
The Political Science Club will foster an open academic dialogue on current political events.

Psychology Club - Mark Polifroni, Advisor, 287..2129
Our goal is to provide an environment for students who share a mutual interest in Psychology to shake ideas, explore topics, and participate in activities together.

Radiography Student Association (RSA) - Jeff L. Rowe, Advisor, 287.2529 or 287.5215
The RSA is comprised of 1st and 2nd year Radiography students striving to enhance our educational opportunities by attending OSRT conferences, leadership experiences, and philanthropic team building efforts.

Respiratory Therapy Club - Susan L. Donahue, Advisor - 287.2633
Promote and recognize scholarship service and leadership among students and grads of the field of respiratory care.

SADAH - Mrs. Connie Clark, Advisor – 287-2597
Dental hygiene students devoted to learning more about their field outside of the classroom and clinic by serving the school and community.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Association (STEM)
Laura Shady, Advisor - 287.5541, E-mail
Merideth Sellars, Advisor - 287.5105, E-mail
To foster awareness and create motivation and educational activities to enrich the opportunities in the STEM disciplines at CSCC. To provide information and experiences to STEM students and STEM careers by bringing guest speakers from industry and from other colleges and universities. Additionally, field trips are taken to promote STEM careers, research experiences and community programming in STEM disciplines.

Student Paralegal Association (SPA)
Catherine Ritterbusch, Advisor – 287-2622
To provide information to students regarding paralegal activities and opportunity and professional networking.

TRIO Academic Outreach - Stacey Rogers, Advisor, 287.5531

The purpose of this organization is to foster development of academic, social, and cultural activities to promote leadership, college success, graduation, and retention for students.

Veterans Organization - James Favuzzi, Advisor, 287.2814
Our mission is to provide Veterans with a fellowship of like-minded individuals who have shared similar experiences from the military, to support, our student body veterans, their families, and the college community.

Weightlifting Club
Jill Cadotte, Advisor, 287.2208
We focus on barbell weightlifting specifically the Olympic - style lifts(snatch and clean and jerk) along with power lifting lifts.