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Complete Club Listings


African Descendants Union (ADU) - Melissa Lamar, 287-5405; Vena Hill, 287-5447; Jasmine Marks, 287-5319
The African Descendants Union, is an organization for students that are passionate about invoking impactful change on and off the Columbus State campus.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club - Wendy Sabino 429-1371
The Deaf Culture Club is a place where people can come to share their interest in and love of Deaf culture. Our goal is to not only socialize with each other and the Deaf community, but to help educate others through events and community service opportunities.

Asian Student Association (ASA) - Amy Bullock, Advisor, 287-2671
The goal of Asian Student Association is to provide members and all interested others social and academic support and network. To promote the importance of Asian culture at Columbus State Community College and the community in large

Chinese Club - Jie Yang, 287-5962
The purpose of the Chinese Club is to bring together all Chinese students and other students who are interested in Chinese language and culture, and to offer students social and academic support network, to promote the importance of Chinese culture as well. To make Chinese students feel at home and serve the community.

Club for the Business Minded - Martin Blaine, 287-2848
The Club for the Business Minded is for people who want to meet other young people who are interested in business and entrepreneurship, be involved in beneficial events, become involved in the community, hear experienced people speak about the business world

Columbus State Chess Club - Gary Gutman, 287-921
We will be playing and teaching chess, from beginner to expert, and participating in local tournaments.

Columbus State Cru/RealLife - Brian Peebles, 287-5499
RealLife is a student organization intended for students to have the opportunity to grow in their faith during their time at Columbus State. We welcome people from all backgrounds to explore faith in Jesus and learn together about our relationship with God. All are welcome and respected.

Columbus State Green Party - Robert Fitrakis, 287-2482
This organization's goals are to grow the group's membership, increase students' awareness of local, national, and global issues, to train aspiring community and political activists, and to increase the visibility of Green Party candidates

Columbus State Pride  - Luke Robson, Advisor, 287.5520
Provides support, interaction, education, outreach, and advocacy for LGBTQ issues for Columbus State Community College and surrounding areas.

Cougars for the Community - Selloane Asiamah, Advisor - 287.5204
The mission of our club is to fulfill the needs of the community through community service and charitable actions around campus and the surrounding area.

Delaware Honors Student Advisory Council - Zachary Dilbeck, 740-203-8071                                                                                       The Delaware Honors Student Advisory Council is a branch of the Columbus State Honors Program specializing in Delaware Campus Honors engagement. We organize Honors activities in the Delaware area, promote Honors Club awareness, and work to build supportive community within the Delaware Campus.

Honors Student Advisory Council - Rebecca Mobley, 287-5582
The Honors Student Advisory Council is a part of the Columbus State Honors Program. We work with the head of the Honors Program, Prof. Rebecca Mobley by organizing awareness/recruitment events on campus and volunteer opportunities off-campus. We also work to create a supportive community within the Honors Program.

Hospitality Club - Gretchen Friend, Advisor - 287-5188
The Hospitality Club is to be formed to act as a professional networking and social organization for interested students in the Hospitality Management Program and all other interested majors.

International Student Association - Jasmine Marks, 287-5319
The ISA (International Student Association) is a student run organization at Columbus State Community College (CSCC). Our mission is to provide out-of-classroom learning experiences through field trips, cultural events, and various other social events.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship - Mary Brown, (614) 738-2920
The Intervasity Christian Fellowship is an inter-denominational Christian Fellowship, as well as student-led ministry which has been involved in establishing witnessing communities on U.S. college and university campuses.

Latin American Student Association - Guadalupe Raguel Pina, Advisor - 287.5037
The purpose of this association is to consolidate the relationship between Latin-American students and/or other interested, ease the transition to college, introduce them to the various resources within Columbus State Community College, leave a cultural fingerprint for future students, volunteer for the community and engage students with the college life

Medical Laboratory Technology Association – MaryEllen Tancred, Advisor – 287.5099
We are an organization for future Medical Laboratory Technicians who wish to become well-rounded professionals through service to our community and to one another.

Mental Health Matters - Angela Fry, 287-5479
MHM's goal is to recruit members, promote mental health awareness, get involved in our community and promote ourselves to get the word out about Mental Health Matters.

Nurses Association - Susan Poling, 287-2745
To provide student and community awareness

Otaku Culture Club - Dana Knott, Advisor - 740-203-8183
To celebrate and learn more about Japanese culture, including awne, manga, and cosplay

Phi Theta Kappa - Renee Deveaux, 578-6358; Rebecca Fleming, 287-5186
Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society for two year community college's. Membership to Columbus State's Phi Theta Kappa chapter is invitation only and invitations are sent after a student has obtained a 3.5 Cumulative Grade Point Average after 12 Credit Hours. Phi Theta Kappa-Alpha Rho Epsilon is dedicated to service, leadership, fellowship and scholarship and this compliments our dedication to academic achievement for all Columbus State students.

Political Science Club - Jonathan Kreger, Advisor, 287.2238
The Political Science Club will foster an open academic dialogue on current political events.

Radiography Student Association (RSA) - Jeff L. Rowe, Advisor, 287-2529 or 287-5215
The RSA is comprised of 1st and 2nd year Radiography students striving to enhance our educational opportunities by attending OSRT conferences, leadership experiences, and philanthropic team building efforts.

Respiratory Therapy Club - Andrea Pifher, 287-2633
The Respiratory Therapy Student Organization (RTSO) is a Columbus State endorsed student club whose mission is to promote and recognize scholarship, service and leadership among students and graduates of the field of respiratory care. All students enrolled in the respiratory care program are considered active members in the organization.

Student American Dental Hygienist Association (SADHA) - Mrs. Connie Clark, Advisor – 287-2597
Dental hygiene students devoted to learning more about their field outside of the classroom and clinic by serving the school and community.

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math Club (STEM)
Laura Shady, 287-5541, E-mail
Merideth Sellars, 287-5105, E-mail
This club was made for students at Columbus State who are interested in a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. We will be meeting a few times a month, and activities include guest speakers, career exploring exercises, and field trips. Come join us for good times, and opportunities to help you learn about different careers!

Student Paralegal Association (SPA) - Catherine Ritterbusch, 287-2622
To hold events to raise awareness for the Paralegal Program, inform students about internship opportunities, help students build effect resumes.

Students Striving for Success - Stacey Rogers, 287-5531
The purpose of this organization is to foster development of academic, social, and cultural activities to promote leadership, college success, graduation, and retention for students.We are a club of first generation college students supporting each other. We will host activities to network with each other, create connections and celebrate success.We will empower each other through mentoring, encouragement and real world academic tips and resources.

Veterans Organization - James Favuzzi, 287-2814
Our mission is to provide Veterans with a fellowship of like-minded individuals who have shared similar experiences from the military, to support, our student body veterans, their families, and the college community. Membership to the CSVO is available to individual students at Columbus State Community College who served in the Military or who are actively serving and to those dependents of veterans who are attending CSCC under an approved dependent program. Within these guideline all are welcome.