Columbus State to offer new app development course from Apple Inc.

Columbus State is proud to partner with Apple Inc., as one of the first colleges to teach Apple’s new course in its Swift programming language. Columbus State is one of six community colleges in the nation chosen for the new Apple development course.

Mobile Development with Swift

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At Columbus State, App Development with Swift will start in the fall. The college will offer a basic course as well as an advanced course for people with programming skills.

If you are interested, please request information and we will contact you with class times and requirements.

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App Development with Swift

“App Development with Swift” is a yearlong curriculum designed by Apple engineers and educators to teach students elements of app design using Swift, one of the world’s most popular programming languages. Students will learn to code and design fully functional apps, gaining critical job skills in software development and information technology.

“Community colleges play a critical role in helping students achieve their dreams, and we hope these courses will open doors for people of all ages and backgrounds to pursue what they love,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook.

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Computer Science at Columbus State

Columbus State’s Computer Science department already includes Mobile App Development courses for Apple’ iOS and the Android mobile operating systems. These courses cover the material in greater depth and award college credit. Mobile Apps courses

The college also offers degrees and certificates in general programming, database management and IT security. Computer Science Department

Mobile Development with Swift