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F1 Visa Holders

Getting Started for F-1 Visa Holders

Student drawingOnce you have completed your application and been admitted to CSCC, we will send you a letter of admission and the I-20 form, the document you need to get an F-1 visa. For students coming from abroad, we will include information about paying the I-901 Fee and preparing for your visit with the US Embassy to obtain the visa. Learn more information about applying for a student visa to travel to the United States, go to

If you arrive in Columbus by airplane, and are not being met by family or friends, you can reach the taxi service by following the ground transportation signs near the baggage claim area. Taxis will be parked near the door. A taxi can also be called at 444-4444 or 777-7777. The fare to the downtown area is approximately $25 (+ tip of 10-15%). Ask about the fare before you get into the taxi. Payment in cash is required. Some taxis can accept Visa/MasterCard payments; ask the driver first.

You may arrive up to 30 days before the start date listed on your I-20. This will provide time for you to get settled in Columbus, to take your placement test and to register for classes. You should report to CSCC shortly after you arrive in Columbus to meet with your International Advisor and begin the enrollment process.

For both new and transferring in F1 students, there will be a mandatory orientation about one week before classes begin. This session will help you understand the obligations that come with holding an F1 visa and how to get the most out of your educational experience in the US.

The links below provide other helpful information on getting started at CSCC.

Key Terms - terms that are used in reference to going to college at CSCC.. Reviewing these before you arrive will give you a “jump start” on familiarizing yourself with CSCC terminology (click here for more information).

Placement Tests - All beginning students, citizens, immigrants and international/non-immigrant students at CSCC, take placement tests in English and math to determine the classes in which to start.

Program Descriptions - Columbus State Community College is an accredited two-year institution that offers a variety of associate degrees and certificate programs. Students who wish to transfer to a four-year university in the US to earn a Bachelor’s Degree can complete the Associate of Arts (AA) or Sciences (AS) degree at CSCC (view the CSCC programs and descriptions).

Columbus State Community College
International Enrollment Services

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Columbus, Ohio 43215-9965

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