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Newly accepted F1 student information

Getting started information for newly accepted F-1 international students with an I-20 from CSCC.

This information does not apply to transient/guest students.

Arrival from overseas:
If you are entering the USA from abroad please note that you have a specific window of time during which you should enter the USA. This date is listed on the first page of your I-20. The earliest you can enter the USA is listed as the EARLIEST ADMISSION DATE and the latest you should enter the USA is listed as the PROGRAM START DATE. Check the calendar for the semester you are starting in for other important dates. You can find the calendar here.

Transferring in:
If you are transferring to CSCC from another institution inside the USA it is your responsibility to have your SEVIS record released to CSCC as soon as possible. You will then be able to obtain an updated I-20 from the international office at CSCC when you are reporting in.

Reporting in:
Once you have been accepted to CSCC as an international F-1 student you are required by law to report to our office as soon as you can. This means bringing your passport, visa, and I-94 record and meeting with an advisor in the International Student Services office located in the lower level of Madison Hall. You can obtain your I-94 record after you enter the USA from by clicking on the GET MOST RECENT I-94 button.

Mandatory international student orientation is held every semester for new accepted F-1 students. All new students must attend, even if they are transfer students. If you don't know when and where the next orientation will be held please email

Transfer credit:
Any transcripts that you have previously submitted the international office are only used for admission purposes. If you have attended a US-based institution and would like to receive transfer credit then you should have the official transcript sent directly to CSCC so you can receive credit for the coursework you have previously completed. If you have attended a college or university overseas you should obtain an official evaluation from a third party agency and then submit that evaluation to CSCC. We are unable to evaluate foreign documents from overseas ourselves. You can find a list of acceptable evaluation companies here:

Placement testing:
Before registering for classes you may be required to take placement testing. You should do this as soon as you are in the USA. Placement testing may include testing for English, Math, and Science. You may need placement testing even if you are a transfer student. You can find out which placement testing you will need here:
Here is the link to our testing centers hours and locations:

Registering for classes:
Academic Advising at Columbus State helps students develop their schedules and academic plans. They are separate from the international advisors in the International Office who focus on helping students with admission and cultural and legal issues surrounding being an international student. Once you are in the USA you should meet an academic advisor who will help you make choices regarding what courses that you should register for. Upon arrival you should meet with an advisor from the Center for Advising, Support, and Exploration.
Please note that as an international student you are required to register for 12 credit hours of study every semester.

Tuition and Fees:
Most international students can expect to pay approximately $5,000 in tuition or fees in their first semester. Information on tuition, fees, payment plans, and deadlines is available here: