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Good as Gold

Students in lab

As a community service, Columbus State Community College offers senior citizens who are 60 years old or older the opportunity to enroll in credit courses for self-enrichment tuition free, on a space-available basis for audit "R" only.

Good as Gold students are registered to take the course for audit. Students registered for audit are not taking the course
for credit. Faculty members are not obligated to spend office hours and/or evaluate course work for a grade.

In-person registration:

  • Columbus Campus: Records and Registration Department
  • Delaware Campus: Student Services Desk, Moeller Hall

Faculty signature on the “Good as Gold” Registration Add/Drop Form is required for class registration.

Good as Gold Blackboard Online Registration Instructor Permission Form

  • E-mail instructor requesting permission to register for their class as a Good as Gold student. The instructor may complete the Good as Gold Blackboard Online Registration Instructor Permission Form. No in-person registration activity required on the part of the student.


  • Good as Gold enrollment may not exceed 10 percent of the class.
  • Good as Gold students cannot enroll for courses granting academic credit and audit “Good as Gold” courses during the same term.
  • Good as Gold students must apply to the college prior to registration for courses unless he or she has been a for credit student previously.  You may contact the Telephone Information Center at 614-287-5353 to inquire if you have an application on file.

Note: Permission by the instructor grants entry into the course.

Enrollment Period

Students may register between the first and 15th day of the semester.


 Summer Semester 2015:

    • Application Deadline: May 18
    • Registration Period:  May 25 through June 8
    • Fee Payment Deadline: June 8


Autumn Semester 2015:

    • Application Deadline:  August 10
    • Registration Period:  August 31 through September 14
    • Fee Payment Deadline:  September 14


Spring Semester 2016:

    • Application Deadline: December 28
    • Registration Period:  January 18 through February 1
    • Fee Payment Deadline:  February 1


Requirements for Participation

  • Senior citizens who are 60 years old or older and who have been certified as eligible for the “Good as Gold” Educational Program
  • “Good as Gold” students may register for credit courses on a space-available basis for audit “R” only.


  • “Good as Gold” students are responsible for payment of lab fees, books, instructional supplies, parking permits and any additional educational expenses required of other students by the fee payment deadline as listed above.
  • Registration for all courses must be complete by the registration deadline, whether for full-term, first 8-week, second 8-week, first 5-week, second-5-week, third 5-week or flex term course.

If the “Good as Gold” student’s course(s) are dropped due to non-payment of fees, the “Good as Gold” student will be unable to re-register as the registration deadline will have passed.

Student rates to concerts and activities are available to “Good as Gold” students. Financial aid is not available for “Good as Gold” registration as courses are taken for audit “R” only.

The course(s) the “Good as Gold” student selects will be added to the schedule for audit purposes only. Due to the audit status of the course(s), registration must be completed before the 15th day of the Semester.