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Kelsey Smith

Admissions Office Associate

Kelsey Headshot

Office Associate, Admissions

Phone: 614.287.2669

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Your Hometown:

Columbus, Ohio

Your Degree(s) and School(s):

I graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies student majoring in Family Studies and Justice Studies. 

Your Hobbies:

I love to paint, bake, workout and spend time with my family.

A Word or Phrase That Best Describes You:

Treat others how you wish to be treated.

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Where Do You Hang Out In Columbus?

I really like all areas of Columbus. It's fun that you can go to the Short North, German Village and other areas and experience the different atmospheres of Ohio. 

What Was Your Favorite Class In College and Why?

I really enjoyed taking Criminal Justice courses. I was able to actually go to a jail and speak with the criminals about their cases. It was eye opening and very educational as well as entertaining. 

What Do You Love About Columbus State?

I love how diverse we are and how accepting everyone is. On campus, I see students helping each other as well as the staff. We have a strong team that wants to truly help students and individuals better themselves and I absolutely love it. 

What Advice Would You Give To Incoming, New Students?

Hard work pays off!

Your Current Role At Columbus State and How Your Role Helps Students?

I am an Office Associate in the Admissions office. Above my office duties and administrative support to the Admissions team, my main focus is to provide excellent customer service to students and visitors. I assist students with the admissions process and I always do it with a smile!