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Tips & Resources

Semesters arrive August 29, 2012. These tips will help you prepare well and make the transition without difficulty.

Find Your Semester Classes

This document shows how to find your Semester course numbers. Semester course guide.

tips and resourcesCheck that your correct major is on file or declare one if you haven't already --To verify your major, call the Telephone Information Center, (614) 287-5353. To declare a major, submit a Change of Information form, available on the website under Quick Links, to Records and Registration.

Learn to run a Degree Audit Report — This online tool tracks your academic progress toward your degree. To run a Degree Audit Report, log on to CougarWeb and then click "My Degree Audit."

Learn all about the Degree Audit Report through these resources:

(PowerPoint with Audio)

PowerPoint pdf

Sample Degree Audit & Questions

DARS User Guide for Students


Finish before semesters arrive if you're close to graduation — Run a Degree Audit Report to verify your academic status and complete any remaining requirements .

Schedule required courses in a sequence before the switch — Complete all required courses in a sequence, like Math 102, 103, 104, prior to semesters. You also can take equivalent semester courses after the conversion.

Get advising help, make a plan, and follow that plan to completion -- Students should see an advisor or attend a program advising session as soon as possible. Together with an advisor, you can create an approved plan of study that will guide your course selections all the way to graduation. Follow that plan!

Take MORE to be sure — Because many semester courses earn fewer hours of credit, you'll probably have to take more classes per semester to achieve full-time (FT) status and/or finish in 2 years. Adding a class or two to your schedule will help you maintain FT status and complete your studies on time. Even though 12 hours is considered full time (that's the minimum number), taking 12 hours per semester for 4 semesters will not add up to the degree credit hours required by many programs.