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The Social & Human Services Program Acceptance process is designed to provide students with an overview of the Human Services Profession and prepare students for practicums. Please carefully review the policies and procedures listed below.

1. Submit an official copy of your high school transcript verifying graduation or GED to the College Admissions or  Records and Registration Department.

2. The Department does not offer proficiency exams for any technical course.

3.Take the CSCC Compass placement test for reading, math and writing skills.  The following is required:

If developmental courses in English composition and/or reading/and/or math are recommended, the following requirements must be met before you can begin technical courses in the SAHS Program.

4.Meet with a Health and Human Services Division academic advisor to establish the first term schedule. Receive notification of Program Information session and plan to attend while enrolled in the first term of SAHS introductory courses.

5. The following courses are requirements and must be completed with a “C” or higher before you can be formally accepted into the program. 

  • ENGL 1100: Beginning Composition
  • PSY 1100: Introduction to Psychology
  • CSCI 1101: Computer Concepts & Applications
  • SAHS 1111: Introduction to Social Work/Mental Health
  • SAHS1112: Introduction to Developmental Disabilities
  • MULT 1114: Introduction to Addiction Studies
  • MULT 1115: Introductory Helping Skills

The courses in Section 5 may be taken concurrently and in any order or combination. A portion of the seats for the SAHS introductory courses will be held for students who are already enrolled in SAHS courses each term.  All remaining seats will be available for registration for new students after noon on the first day of registration.

NOTE:  All must be successfully completed before you can be offered formal admission in the program.

6.Attend a mandatory SAHS Program Information Session.  Several options are available each semester.  Review the SAHS Professional Expectations & Commitment prior to Information Session. 

7.  Completion of the mandatory background check with the results prior to attending the mandatory group pre-practicum interview.

*Students must be "off paper" for at least one year.

8. Attend and participate in a mandatory program acceptance interview.  The interview will be scheduled during the semester you are completing the seven (7)  required courses listed above.

9. Review and Sign the SAHS Professional Expectations & Commitment Document during the program acceptance interview.

10.  Completion of additional required documentation for persons with prior criminal convictions.

11.  Minimum GPA of 2.5