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Application deadline for the Respiratory Care program is January 12, 2015.

Students interested in applying to the Respiratory Care program must attend one Information Session before the deadline. 

Additional information about the step by step enrollment guide will be available at a later date. Please check back for updates and new information..

Attend a mandatory Respiratory Care Information Session. Contact Vincent Cocozza  at or 614-287-2521 to reserve a seat.

  • Monday, September 8 at 6:00PM
  • Friday, October 17 at 12:00PM
  • Wednesday, November 12 at 3:00PM
  • Tuesday, December 2 at 4:00PM

All Information sessions will be held in Union Hall, Room 339

Seats go don't wait.

Pre-Respiratory Care Advising:

To make an appointment with an academic adviser call 614-287-5353 or stop by Aquinas Hall, Room 116.

Program Requirements:

Complete the following courses:

NURC 1101 - Nurse-Aide Training Program

Placement into MATH 1148 - College Algebra

Attain a TOTAL GPA of 2.5 or greater. We do NOT round GPA. Achieve a minimum individual HOBET READING score of 50.0. Achieve a minimum individual HOBET MATH score of 50.0

Schedule the HOBET test at the Testing and Talent Assessment Center located at the Center for Workforce Development. Telephone: 614-287-5858.

  • You will have one attempt per application year to complete the HOBET. The HOBET is a computerized, timed exam which evaluated academic and social skills in seven areas: essential math skills, reading comprehension for science textbooks, reading rate, test-taking skills, in addition to social interaction profile, stress level profile, and learning style. Applicants are strongly encouraged to review the HOBET study guide to prepare for the test. The study guide is available at most public libraries, or for purchase in the CSCC Bookstore.
  • To schedule the HOBET, contact the Testing and Talent Assessment Center (614-287-5858). The HOBET will cost $50.00 payable at the Cashier’s Office in Rhodes Hall. You must bring a picture ID on the day of the test and indicate that you are a RESPIRATORY CARE applicant. Your results will be mailed to you and you must provide the Respiratory Care Program with a copy of the results to be considered for admission. The testing center has a limited number of testing appointments so please, schedule early!
  • You must bring a copy of your test results to Vincent Cocozza located at the Allied Health office, Room 577 at Union Hall.

Submit online program application using the program website. Deadline is January 12, 2015.

Respiratory Care application

The program will begin the admission process beginning Winter Quarter. The following criteria will be used to determine acceptance to the program.

1. Review all applications for completeness. Any applicants who have not submitted a copy of their HOBET scores will be disqualified.

2. Review the current transcripts of all applicants. Any applicant who does not have a C or better for required courses (or transfer credit recorded on their transcript) will be eliminated.

3. Review TOTAL GPA for all applicants. Any applicant whose TOTAL GPA is less than 2.5 will be disqualified.

4. Distribute points for TOTAL GPA as follows:

a. 4.0-3.500 4 points
b. 3.499-3.0 3 points
c. 2.999-2.50 2 points
d. Less than 2.499 Disqualified

5. Distribute points for HOBET score as follows:

a. 100 - 90.0 5 points
b. 89.9 - 80.0 4 points
c. 79.9 - 70.0 3 points
d. 69.9 - 60.0 2 points
e. 59.0 -50.0 1 point
e. Less or equal to 49.9 Disqualified

6. The following criteria will be applied to Basic Science courses--COLS 1100, MULT 1010, BIO 2215, BIO 2232, and CHEM 1113. The course credit hours will be multiplied by the course grade which is then multiplied by 0.75. Basic courses are labeled with a B on the Plan of Study.

7. The following criteria will be applied to General Education courses--MATH 1148, ENGL 1100, BIO 2300, SOC 1101, and PHIL 1130. The course credit hours will be multiplied by the course grade which is then multiplied by 0.25. General courses are labeled with a G on the Plan of Study.