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Jahmez Dee Barnett

photo of male studentJahmez Dee Barnett

The road to Columbus State’s Honors Program was an unusual one for Jahmez.

“Right after high school, I worked at a sub shop for a time, then decided to move to Las Vegas to pursue acting.” He spent some time as member of the acting troupe in Vegas’ haunted house, the Eli Roth Goretorium (now closed), and graduated from B.I.H. Studios’ acting school.

“After a while, I wanted to come back to Columbus – back to somewhere familiar.” A show on Netflix, Cosmos, sparked a fire in Jahmez. “As I was watching it, I realized I have this intense interest in science and space, and I knew I needed to go back to school.”

In one of his first classes, an anthropology class, Jahmez made friends with an Honors student, and he was soon in the Honors Program himself. “Honors classes are so different than other classes,” says Jahmez. “I feel like I’m really getting experiences that will help me reach my career goal.”

Jamez plans to major in Astronomy & Astrophysics at Ohio State, go on to earn an advanced degree and pursue a career as a college professor.