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Certificate Program

The Early Childhood Development (ECD) course of study at Columbus State prepares students wishing to receive the Pre-Kindergarten Associate Teaching Certificate. Upon successful completion of all degree requirements for ECD, students earn an Associate of Applied Science. The student who earns this degree and completes a Student Teaching experience is eligible to apply for the Pre-Kindergarten Associate Teaching Certificate, which is issued by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE).

Columbus State will recommend that the Pre-Kindergarten Associate Certificate be awarded to individuals who have:

* completed all graduation requirements

* received a B or better in Student Teaching Practicum (ECD 277)

Note: Ohio law does not currently mandate that an individual be certificated in order to be employed in a preschool and/or child care center, although some early childhood programs require.

Student teaching ECD 277 (3 credit hours) is offered during the student's last or next to last quarter and requires full involvement in an early childhood setting. A two-hour seminar (ECD 267, 2 credit hour) and 21 hours of practicum experience per week during prime programming hours with a consistent group of children are required.

The Columbus State Pre-K Administrator and a cooperating teacher, who must validate satisfactory education and experience in early childhood and pre-kindergarten programs, cooperate in the supervision and evaluation of the student. The Student Teaching Handbook outlines roles and responsibilities, purpose, objectives, guidelines, requirements, and assignments.

Student Teaching Requirements


1. Successful completion of 85 credit hours, including 45 hours of ECD courses.

2. Successful completion of (4) field experiences.

3. Have a 2.0 GPA overall, and 2.0 non tech GPA

4. Have a 2.5 ECD (tech) GPA  


1. Student must make application for Student Teaching, in writing, two quarters BEFORE they wish to student teach.

2. Students are contacted individually and scheduled for an interview with the Early Childhood Development Coordinator, who is responsible for placement of students.

3. Student must attend required Student Teaching Orientation, held the quarter preceding Student Teaching.

4. Student Teaching placements are assigned on the basis of individual needs, and availability of practicum sites.


1. Student teaching is completed during morning hours. 
2. Student teaching cannot have a substitution or waiver. 
3. One's place of employment cannot qualify for student teaching placement site. 
4. Student Teachers may enroll for 3-5 credit hours besides student teaching credit hours for the quarter. 
5. Student Teaching Seminar and Practicum are offered every quarter. 
6. Students who received N credit for Field & Sem I & II may be advised to complete Field & Seminar V before Student teaching. 
7. Student teaching is REQUIRED for transfer to Otterbein College and recommended for transfer to other four-year institutions.