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Essential Functions

Student abilities relate to the basic activities that a student must be able to perform to complete the Dietetic Technician Program curriculum. Each student must be able to:

  1. Attend scheduled classes, labs, and supervised practices and be present for examinations and testing.
  2. Travel to clinical sites and have mobility within and around the sites.
  3. Assimilate information presented via lecture, handouts, videos, discussions, computer, and/or other educational methods.
  4. Complete assignments such as written assignments, oral presentations, class participation, examinations, and computer-based activities.
  5. Apply the assimilated information to appropriate situations.
  6. Effectively communicate with patients/clients, their families, faculty, and other professionals using oral, phone, written, and computer methods in individual and group settings.
  7. Participate in supervised practice activities as scheduled.
  8. Demonstrate sufficient problem-solving skills to assess multifactorial aspects of nutrition care.
  9. Organize and prioritize necessary tasks within time constraints.
  10. Demonstrate sufficient vision, smell, and taste to evaluate the appearance, aroma, and flavor of food.
  11. Demonstrate sufficient upper-body strength and manual dexterity to operate and clean household and institutional equipment required for food preparation and food service.
  12. Demonstrate sufficient vision to observe compliance with food sanitation and safety codes.

Each student must determine his/her ability to achieve these functions. Any potential student requiring special accommodations to fulfill Program requirements should inform the Program Advisor and schedule an appointment with Disability Services.