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No matter what Business Programs degree program you choose, you'll have an opportunity to work in an internship. We're confident that this work-related internship will provide value-added experience that will enhance your career opportunities.

When you're near graduation (typically two quarters before graduation), you'll work closely with the Internship Coordinator and your assigned Business Programs Advisor (see the Faculty/Staff tab on this web site to find the name of your academic advisor) at faculty.shtml

Your advisor will review your academic progress to assure that you have met the needed prerequisites and are ready to fully participate in a meaningful internship experience. During the internship, you will be able to utilize and apply your knowledge and skills in a related workplace setting.

This experience will allow you to fully integrate and reinforce the concepts you've learned in the multi-discipline course work you have taken while progressing towards your chosen Business Programs degree. You'll meet periodically and submit reports on your experience to the Internship Coordinator and your Advisor. Most importantly, this combination of real-world and academic experiences will complement and strengthen your classroom experience while building your resume.

Here is a link to the Internship web site which offers more information for you: