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Columbus State Community College has a faculty with over 100 years of combined aviation experience.  Each instructor has an expertise in areas of instruction.

Full-Time Faculty & Staff

Jeff Gruber, A&P, IA, DME, Private Pilot, BS, Lead FAA Safety Team Representative    

Gene Sprang, A&P, IA, DME, BA,            
Associate Professor            

Mark Reed, A&P, IA, AAS            
Assistant Professor            

Chuck Kassor, A&P, GROL, AAS            
Assistant Professor           

Karen L. Hill, MS           
Aviation Office Associate

Adjunct Faculty and Staff:

Eric Hogberg, A&P, IA, DME, AAS            

Adjunct Instructor             

Terry Huff, A&P            
Adjunct Instructor

Laurie Johns, A&P, IA, BS, MA            
Adjunct Faculty

Dave Hessler, A&P, CFII, ATP            
Adjunct Faculty            

Michael Kent, A&P