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Maintenance & Light Repair Certificate

Maintenance & Light Repair Certificate

You want to become an automotive technician - now! This program is your fast track to success. Depending on your skills, you could earn a certificate and be working as an entry-level technician in 6 to 12 months.

General Service Technicians are employed in dealerships, oil change stores, national tire chain stores, and independent repair facilities.

Developed at the request of national dealer groups to meet their shortage of properly trained maintenance and light repair technicians, this program is the quickest way to employment in the automotive field. You then have the option to apply your credits toward the ASSET or Automotive Technology programs to expand your skills and earn more money.

CSCC Automotive Technolgy
The Curriculum

  • AUTO 1101: Basic Auto Systems
  • AUTO 1106: Automotive Shop Orientation
  • AUTO 1140: Suspension & Steering
  • AUTO 1150: Brake Systems
  • AUTO 1160: Electrical Systems
  • AUTO 1170: Heating & Air Conditioning
  • AUTO 1240: Suspension and Steering: Diagnosis
  • AUTO 1250 Brake Systems: Diagnosis
  • AUTO 1260 Electrical Systems: Diagnosis
  • AUTO 2399 Maintenance and Light Repair Shop Experience
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