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Art (ART) 2016-2017

ART 1205 Beginning Drawing (A, SP, SU) 3 credits

ART 1205 is an introduction to the basic techniques of freehand drawing. Emphasis is on media, concepts, drawing from observation and development of technique. Course meets elective requirements in the Associate of Arts Degree program and distributive transfer requirements in the Arts.
Studio: 6 hours Lab fee: $5.00


ART 1206 2-Dimensional Design (A, SP, SU) 3 credits

ART 1206 is an introduction to the basic concepts of two-dimensional design: line, shape, space, hue, value and texture. Course covers the use of various media in a variety of problem-solving projects leading toward an awareness of the principles of visual organization.
Studio: 6 hours Lab fee: $5.00


ART 1207 3-Dimensional Design (SP) 3 credits

ART 1207 is aimed at developing the student's basic understanding of 3D visual communication through the exploration of three- dimensional principles. Students learn through the process of solving visual art problems. Solutions to these problems are achieved through the fabrication of three-dimensional art objects. Various techniques and media that are common to this area of study are systematically addressed.
Studio: 6 hours
Prerequisite: ART 1206 Lab fee: $2.00


ART 2221 Life Drawing (SP) 3 credits

ART 2221 emphasizes figure drawing with a foundation in anatomical study. The student will concentrate on proportion and design to further his/ her understanding of the human figure as a complicated three-dimensional form and its metaphoric or literal interpretation through various drawing media. In addition, students will be able to develop a more advanced and informed interpretation of life drawing within historic and cultural contexts.
Lecture: 1 hour - Studio: 4 hours Prerequisite: ART 1205 Lab fee: $20.00


ART 2230 Color Composition (SP) 3 credits

ART 2230 examines the theory and artistic application of basic color principles through student projects and lecture. Topics such as color mixing, interaction and organization are presented.
Studio: 6 hours
Prerequisite: ART 1206 Lab fee: $2.00


ART 2275 Beginning Painting (SP) 3 credits

ART 2275 introduces Studio painting fundamentals utilizing varied subject matter and media.
Studio: 6 hours
Prerequisites: ART 1205 and either ART 2230 or ART 1206 Lab fee: $7.00


ART 2294 Special Topics: Art (On Demand) 1-3 credits

Student explores a detailed examination of selected topics in art. Lecture: 1-3 hours