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Engineering (ENGR)

These are 2013-2014 course descriptions.

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The following courses are intended for students in pathways to a four-year Engineering or other related degree at another institution. See also Engineering Technologies (ENGT)

ENGR 1181 Fund of Engineering I  (A, SP, SU)

3 credits This first course in the Fundamentals of Engineering sequence introduces the student to engineering career areas and hands-on skills related to engineering applications: systems, modeling and data analysis; the use of Excel and MATLAB for problem solving; effective teamwork; com- munication and ethics.
Lecture: 2 hours - Lab: 2 hours
Prerequisites: MATH 1150 or higher   Lab fee:$25.00

ENGR 1182 Fund of Engineering II  (A, SP, SU)

3 credits
An introduction to 3D modeling and CAD integrated with the engineer- ing design-build process. Hands-on experience, teamwork, and project management are emphasized as well as written, oral and visual com- munications.
Lecture: 2 hours - Lab: 2 hours
Prerequisites: MATH 1151 or higher, ENGR 1181   Lab fee: $25.00