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Cougar Edge

Students whose COMPASS assessment indicates placement into DEV 0114 (with scores from 0 through 25) AND DEV 0140 (with scores from 0 through 51) are required to take Cougar Edge classes and improve their COMPASS math and reading placement scores before enrolling in credit courses at Columbus State Community College.

The program is a partnership between Columbus State and multiple ABLE (Adult Basic and Literacy Education) partners.  It is the intent of the program to provide students with a means to improve their basic math and reading skills at no cost to the student; thereby helping them save any financial aid funds for college-level course work.

Students are given contact information for each ABLE partner and are directed to contact the site that best meets their needs - location, class times, etc. Once the student has registered with the ABLE partner, they attend basic math and language arts classes at that partner site.  The ABLE instructors will assess each student's progress and, when the student's skill level appears to have improved sufficiently, the instructor will refer the student to take the COMPASS, again.

To advance beyond the Cougar Edge program, the student must successfully place into the next level of Developmental Education or above in BOTH math and reading.  At that point, the student may apply for financial aid and register for college credit classes at Columbus State Community College.

CougarEdgeNo cost: Cougar Edge classes are offered at no cost to participants. This allows students to improve their skills without using their financial aid dollars.

Various Locations:  Cougar Edge is offered at Central Ohio Adult Basic Literacy Education (ABLE) programs across Columbus and surrounding areas.

Registration/Orientation: When a student's COMPASS assessment indicates placement into Cougar Edge, the student is given information on ABLE locations where they can register for classes.  Students can contact ABLE for more information on how the Cougar Edge program can help meet academic and personal goals.

Qualifications:  Students whose COMPASS assessment indicates placement into both DEV 0114 (with scores from 0 through 25) and DEV 0140 (with scores from 0 through 51) are required take Cougar Edge classes and improve their COMPASS fundamental math and basic reading placement scores before enrolling in credit courses. 


  • Students are not permitted to receive financial aid while attending Cougar Edge classes.
  • Students without a high school diploma or GED should take GED Prep Classes.
  • ESL Students should take Basic English courses through the Language Institute.
  • Students are not permitted to take credit courses and Cougar Edge classes in the same term.
  • Students who are in a "deferred diploma" status at their high school are not qualified to participate in Cougar Edge.