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Advanced Placement (AP)

One of many advanced standing opportunities for high school students to earn college credit. AP requires completion of a course, a third-party assessment exam, and generally an earned score of 3 or above in order to be eligible for college credit. However, AP score requirements vary by institution.

Articulated Credit

One of many advanced standing opportunities for high school students to earn college credit. Articulated Credit is earned by successfully completing an identified sequence of career and technical courses in high school and then enrolling in an institution of higher education within a certain time period (typically 18 months).

College Credit Plus (CC+)

A state-regulated program (formerly known as PSEO and Dual Enrollment) that allows college-ready 7th-12th grade students the opportunity to simultaneously earn high school and college credit while still in high school. For more information about College Credit Plus, please visit the Ohio Board of Regents' College Credit Plus webpage.

Early College High Schools

Early College High Schools combine rigorous high school courses with a college plan of study, often allowing students the opportunity to earn an Associate's degree and high school diploma at the same time. Columbus State currently partners with the following Early College High School programs: Reynoldsburg BELL, Reynoldsburg e-STEM, Marysville Early College,  Licking Heights, The Charles School, and Columbus Africentric Early College.

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB)

IB is an internationally-recognized high school program that seeks to develop intellectual, personal, emotional, and social skills of students through rigorous coursework and high standards. College credit is awarded at the discretion of the individual higher education institution. Please visit the International Baccalaureate website for more information.

Maximum Credit Hours 

Ohio Board of Regents Formula for Calculating # of Eligible Semester Hours:

  1. Determine # of Carnegie Units (high school credits) student is taking during  school year.
  2. Multiply that number by 3
  3. Subtract the number from steps 1 and 2 from 30


An outlined course guide intended to assist students with progressing toward completion of a degree, certificate, or other program. Pathways align with a Columbus State Plan of Study (major) and may be school-specific, program-specific, or transfer-plan specific.

Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO)

Former state-regulated program that allowed high school students the opportunity to earn college credit by taking courses online or on-campus at an institution of higher education. PSEO is now known as College Credit Plus.

Seniors to Sophomores

A program partnership between Columbus State Community College and Columbus City Schools that allows qualified high school seniors the opportunity to complete their senior year of high school and first year of college at the same time.

Transfer Credit

Transfer Credit is credit earned at one institution that is accepted as credit at another institution. Generally speaking, credit earned at Columbus State may be transferred to other public Ohio institutions of higher education and vice versa. However, it is always best to check with the receiving institution before taking a specific course to see if and how credit will be accepted. Transferology is also a good informal resource for evaluating how credits may transfer. Again, always check with the receiving institution to determine transferability of coursework.