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Careers in Sociology

Description of the Field

Students with a degree in Sociology can work in a number of fields. Research shows that sociology graduates score higher in critical thinking skills than any other major, and that is a skill in high demand in the job market. The majority of sociology graduates work in social services or as social science researchers. Many find jobs in advertising, PR, and sales/marketing. Sociologists also work as teachers, counselors, or human resources. For more information, the American Sociological Association publishes job resource information.

Sample Careers in Sociology (links to O*Net Online)

Social and Community Service Managers
Social Science Research Assistants
Child, Family, and School Social Workers
Medical and Public Health Social Workers
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Workers
Social and Human Service Assistants
Sociology Teachers, Postsecondary

Sociology at Columbus State

Coursework in Sociology is offered by the Department of Social Science. Please visit their site for information about their pre-major programs, course offerings, and faculty.