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College Success 1101 and 1100

Here’s a sneak peek at Columbus State’s new mandatory orientation course.

College SuccessColumbus State has implemented two campus-wide college success courses to help students hit the ground running.

The success courses, The First Year Experience Seminar (COLS 1100) and College Success (COLS 1101) will cover college resources, study tips, time management, policies and procedures, calculating GPAs, understanding DARS, completing financial aid forms, career options and more.

Starting Autumn 2012, all NEW students must take one COLS class; unless, they
come in with at least 15 transfer credit hours. COLS 1100 is for any new students; COLS 1101 is aimed at students who test into two or more Developmental Education classes. Both classes meet one day a week, and are requirements for all majors.

The idea of the success courses is to help students take control of their education, says Marisa Vernon, assistant director of Advising Services. The classes will start with a look at college resources that new students might not be aware of, such as Tutoring or Counseling. Also, it will help with financial aid and career planning. The courses are designed to emphasize skills and resources necessary to be successful in students' personal and academic careers.

Most importantly, new students will get to learn from a trained instructor who can help them get a good start. "It basically gives every new student here a point of contact," Vernon says.


College Success


College Success