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For Your Review: Master Planning Documents

Here are the reports from the Master Planning campus assessments, interviews, and open forums.

1.  Columbus State Community College Master Plan: A Flexible Framework, July 2013

2. Master Planning Principles: These principles as approved by the Board of Trustees, guided MP decisions, July 2013

3. Master Plan Options: Columbus and Delaware Campuses, February 2013

Video produced February 2013.

4. Current Office Space Needs: Executive Summary and Full Report, April 2012

5. Classroom and Class Lab Utilization: Executive Summary and Full Report, April 2012

6. Enrollment Growth Projections, April 2012

7. CSCC Master Planning Aspirations Report: This report contains the findings from interviews, focus groups, open forums, and surveys conducted by NBBJ with campus and community stakeholders, November 2011

8. Current State Facilities and Utilities Assessment: This report contains an assessment of the current state of Columbus Campus facilities and utilities, November 2011

9. Current State Parking Report: This report documents the current state of parking at the Columbus Campus. November 2011