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Ideas To Go

Have topic to share with the College? HCD can help you host an Ideas to Go! conversation. Session hosts provide a brief overview before moving to open conversation. Participants are welcome to bring a lunch, cup of coffee, news to share and, especially, your own curiosity and expertise.

Quick, conversational, impactful. That’s Ideas to Go. Contact Rich James in Human Capacity Development (x2175) to learn more.

Pre-registration is encouraged. View materials from past sessions.

Coming Up:

"The danger of a single story"
December 16th, Noon to 1pm    CO 111

In this the 2009 TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, she tells the story of how she found her authentic cultural voice — and warns that if we hear only a single story about another person or country, we risk a critical misunderstanding. How  do we slip into holding a single narrative about the people we work with and for? Come watch the TED Talk and join a discussion about what it means for us. Register

Past Ideas To Go:

Effective Meetings
Supporting Students Basic Needs
What is "Engagement?"
Can blue and white by "Green"
Rules of Successful Business Communication
Case Studies in Business Communication

“Meetings That Get Things Done.”
Do meetings, despite your best intentions, often fail to result in the outcome you hoped for? Meetings are effective when they are designed to serve a specific purpose and those who participate know how to prepare and contribute. Tony Mandator, Project Administrator in IT, facilitated a conversation about principles and strategies for effective meetings. See session handout (.pptx).

"Supporting Students' Basic Needs So They Can Learn"
Community college students face unique obstacles from from homelessness to lack of transportation. The office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL), along with the Columbus State C.A.R.E.S. committee, has been assessing the needs of Columbus State students and creating programs to help. This is a campus wide issue that touches everyone including staff and faculty. Judah Gartman, Ohio Benefits Bank Coordinator, and Kim Ryhan, Director of SEAL, discussed how the college is developing and connecting students to services and what resources will soon be available to faculty staff to support students.

What is student engagement and why does it matter?

In late March and early April we will invite students to share their perception of their own engagement with the College through the Community College Survey Student Engagement (CCSSE) survey. What exactly is “engagement” and how does the survey measure it? Does engagement influence student persistence and attainment? What did we learn from the 2010 survey and how could this and the current survey connect to other college initiatives?  Bring a lunch and join the discussion. Rich James, Program Coordinator for Faculty Development, will start the conversation.

Copy of Slides
CCSSE Benchmark Question clusters
CCSSE Validation Summary

Can blue and white be green? Defining sustainability at Columbus State.

As an institution, and for many of us as individuals, we value, support, and practice sustainability. But what does it mean to be sustainable? Can our individual, departmental, and institutional actions make a difference? How do we create a culture that encourages sustainable behavior? We'll begin a conversation on these big issues at Ideas to Go on April 23rd. Reflecting on definitions provided by US and international agencies, we'll discuss our understanding of sustainablity, whether it can be scaled to a college-wide level, and the challenges and opportunities for doing so. We'll conclude with discussing ideas for ongoing green networking, dialogue, and action. Nichole Braun, Academic Advisor, and Hari Ruiz, Grants Program Coordinator, will lead the discussion.

Rules of Successful Business Communication

Have you ever received a memo or *Important* email message that left you scratching your head and wondering what the sender meant? Or hit the Send button on a message you copied the entire department with to moments later realize you left out critical information? If so, join the ranks of us who have been either the victim or perpetrator of poor business communication practices. This session will focus on the 5 C’s of good business communication. Bring your lunch and your stories as we look at how to apply the 5 C’s to communication at Columbus State. A checklist with the 5 C’s will be given to each participant at the completion of Session 1. 

Case Studies in Successful Business Communication

Can these policy statements really have been issued? Really? Because they are negative, condescending, and unclear. In short, they are unprofessional. On July 30th, let’s review a number of errant communications and discuss ways they could have been made more diplomatic, positive and clear. Have lunch, a few laughs (at the expense of our sample unprofessional writers), and some lively discussion.