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Ride to and from CSCC

Bike to Work Day is May 16th. There will be a breakfast event at Columbus Commons at 8am with organized rides to the event from various locations. One of them is from the CoGo bike share headquarters near campus at Oak and Parsons. You can get a bike to ride from CoGo if you contact them ahead of time. See more details on the City of Columbus event page.

Ride CoGo! Don't have a bike at work? You can still ride to lunch or other downtown errands by using CoGo Bike Share. A CoGo station is located across from the book store on Mt Vernon Ave. See the CoGo page for more information. Want to give it a try for free? Contact Rich James for a day pass (supplies limited).


Can Biking Make You Smarter?

The presentation below was part of the The Next Big Thing celebration of Bike Month 2012. See list of articles on the link between aerobic exercise and cognitive performance.

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 Can biking help you learn and work better? You bet it can!

How Exercise Benefits the Brain
from The New York Times
Brain Rule #1: Exercise!
from Brain Rules by John Medina
Physical Exercise for a Better Brain
from The Franklin Institute
Good Aerobic Capacity Promotes Learning
from Science Daily
Phys Ed: What Sort of Exercise Can Make You Smarter?
from The New York Times
Bikes, Balls in Class: How Phys Ed Transformed One School
from ABC News
Strong Minded:Why you're smart to run and smarter because you do.
from Runners World
Maintaining Aerobic Fitness Could Delay Biological Aging By Up To 12 Years, Study Shows
from Science Daily
Bike Cartoon

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“Ah, the old fool - he insists on riding it to work every day...”