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Systems Portfolio

The Systems Portfolio

Columbus State's second Systems Portfolio pdf icon was completed in October 2013. The report provides key documentary evidence of the college's journey along the AQIP accreditation pathway.

Nine campus research teams produced almost two hundred pages of initial data and analysis. Core tecover imageam members Ingrid Emch, Bruce Massis and Antoinette Perkins assimilated the material into a draft portfolio. Multiple stakeholders provided feedback for their areas of the document and Valerie Wilson completed the final edits, with design by Paul Rehg.

Faculty Fellow Greg Goodhart, Interim Chairperson - Mathematics, served as the Project Manager and Polly Owen, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs, served as the Administrative Manager.

A year in the making, the final 124-page report answers some 140 questions about quality processes, results and improvements at the college.

The Higher Learning Commission provided a comprehensive review of the portfolio in their Systems Appraisal Feedback Report in February 2014.

                                             2014 Portfolio Team Members

1   Helping Students Learn - Judith Anderson, Laurie Johns, Adam Moskowitz
2   Accomplishing other Distinctive Objectives - Nancy Case, Scott Millsap, Irene Petten
3   Understanding Students' and Other Stakeholders' Needs - David Tom, Ellen Stadler, Marisa Vernon 
4   Valuing People -T.J. Duda, Diana Fidelibus, Lori McKenzie
5   Leading and Communicating - Mary Ernsberger, Patricia Opong, Mike Wright
6   Supporting Organizational Operations - Ann Palazzo, Erica Swarts, Rhonda Ward
7   Measuring Effectiveness - Sue Donohue, Jim Hamberg, Paul Graves
8   Planning Continuous Improvement - Darrin Albaugh, Julia Shew, Brad Trimble
9   Building Collaborative Relationships - Cheryl Hay, Tracy Koski, Amy Ng


The First Systems Portfolio

In November 2009, Columbus State Community College submitted its first Systems Portfolio to the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) of the Higher Learning Commission. The Systems Portfolio provides a 100 page 'snapshot'of CSCC's processes and data as of summer 2009.

In April 2010 AQIP reviewers responded to our Portfolio with their Appraisal Feedback Report.  It includes the observations and recommendations of the AQIP team. 

  • 2009 Systems Portfolio  -  click here.  This 100 page report documents Columbus State's work in the nine AQIP categories.
  • 2010 Systems Appraisal Feedback Report  -  click here   Based on the Systems Portfolio, this HLC report analyzes the college's strengths and opportunities for improvement.