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The New Wellness Incentive Program at Columbus State has started!

Columbus State is again partnering with The Ohio State University Managed Health Care Systems, Inc. to offer the Wellness Incentive program to all full-time employees. 

In the program, employees who complete:  1)a Biometric Screening, 2) a Personal Health Assessment and 3) a session of Health Coaching, are qualified to receive a $150 incentive from Columbus State in August 2010. 

By taking part in various wellness activities offered throughout the year, employees can accumulate additional wellness points to earn up to an additional $150. These wellness activities might include attending Lunch and Learn workshops, getting a flu shot, participating in the Wellness Challenge, and many additional opportunities. You will be able to log these additional activities on your Columbus State WebMD page.

A calendar of all Wellness Incentive activities and point values is currently under construction!  Watch the employee newsletter Update for listings of these activities as they are scheduled.
(Some activities that have taken place already, such as October flu shots and Lunch and Learn Workshops, will be counted toward points for the Wellness Incentive 2010 Program.)
Through the Ohio State Managed Health Care Systems, Columbus State has a portal to WebMD, a medical and healthy living Web site that offers a wealth of information concerning your health.  When you access the WebMD site, you will be prompted to register with a login and password. Also included on Columbus State’s WebMD site will be a location for you to sign up for your Personal Health Assessment, Biometric Screening, and Health Coaching sessions.   After you register, you will be able to sign up for your first step: the biometric screening.  Biometric screening is a finger-prick blood test and other measurements which take about 20 minutes to complete and will be performed on campus.  The first screening is scheduled for November 19, 2009.
You can get additional information about Columbus State’s new Wellness Incentive Program by contacting Nichole Bowman-Glover, Wellness Coordinator at Columbus State, at (614) 287- 3989.