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Roles and Responsibilities


HCD Program Coordinator

The HCD Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that new employees receive the training and access to Colleague, GroupWise, the network and phone system when they begin employment at the college.  The coordinator is also responsible for working with both the Colleague custodians and functional experts to deliver training to both new and existing employees based on their job requirements. 

The coordinator will be specifically responsible for:

  • Developing a structure for new employees to receive training and access to Colleague, GroupWise, Novell and the phone system  

  • Review employee’s attendance for training and communicate with employees and supervisors for completion of outstanding training

  • Coordinate the maintenance of the Colleague training web site including registration pages, manuals and attendance

  • Coordinate the scheduling of FE’s and courses for the CQAP

  • Meet periodically with Module Custodians and FE’s to assess training and communication changes and/or updates

  • Communicate to employees, supervisors, Module Custodians, ES Representatives, FE’s and HR Administration employee and program progress

Functional Experts/Trainers

Colleague Functional Experts/Trainers provide training and support for a particular module(s). While the amount of time spent training will vary according to module, it is expected that each trainer will do the following:

  • Train employees on the use of the Colleague System under the supervision of the Module Custodians.

  • Assists with developing and maintaining a system procedure manual and provide input into training material to their respective module custodian.  

  • Verify completion of training for new and existing employees using the Colleague training website.

  • Assists/trains staff and administrators with queries and report writing.

  • Function as liaison to all departments and internal staff on Datatel applications.

  • Initiates calls to CSCC Help Desk regarding generation of AnswerNet ticket (Datatel Solutions Center) and other system issues. Test fixes associated with system breaks.

  • Make recommendations to Module Custodians regarding systems and process efficiency and improvement

  • Makes recommendations for system enhancements and test program enhancements developed for their areas

  • Enters and tests new validation codes and tables as well as assists with certification of patches and system upgrades within the application before going live

  • Keep current and proficient in skills associated with training duties through periodic review of competencies

Colleague Module Custodians

The module custodian(s) coordinate the efforts towards a specific module within Colleague.  The main focus of this role is to serve as the module advocate and liaison with other Colleague module custodians.  Effective integration is important to continuing health of system operations.  These individuals must work closely with all areas to ensure all Colleague modules meet the needs of the college. Below is a list of responsibilities for each module custodian:

  • Schedule and run meetings to ensure proper use and setup of the system within the module as well as cross functionally across the system.

  • Maintain ongoing relationships with other colleges that use Colleague and recommend the need for additional consulting services beyond the contract.

  • Certify patches and system upgrades within the application before going live and approve cross functional changes within the application.

  • Review training plans and materials for modules for accuracy and determine the competencies required to grant a particular security access.

  • Develop and communicate a schedule for running processes within the module.

  • Ensure continuing compliance with State and Federal reporting requirements.

Supervisor Role

  • Responsible for ensuring new employees complete the CQAP training assigned to them according to their job title.

  • Initiate individual requests for additional security access unique to a particular position.

  • Provide feedback on the CQAP.


Colleague System Administrator

  • Grants Access to Colleague system

  • Removes Access to Colleague System

  • Processes HEAT requests for additional colleague access

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